Tuesday, January 29, 2019


It is with great sadness, yet a strange relief that I bow out of blogging. I gave blogging nearly 9 years and 557 posts. I love writing and sharing information. However, I've realized today what I've always known but couldn't actualize for myself. I can only give myself wholeheartedly to things that I love and that I am passionate about. And it is okay to admit when you love something, but you're not passionate about it anymore, that you are no longer willing to fight for it.

Thank you to my readers! I will still passionately fight to write. I want to write beautiful novels and poetry. I am going to focus on doing that. Any books I publish in the future will be available for purchase at I am still very passionate about and willing to fight for Girls Like Me, Inc. If you want inspirational content, you can find it there. My facebook and instagram are linked above and I will share information organcially, as I feel like it.

I almost wish this moment was more sad. More of a melancholy soliloquy. But I must say, I am happy to move on knowing nothing defines me but me. I can't be everything to everyone. I can't even live up to the dreams of my old self. I have to move in the now and I can't be afraid to let go and evolve from what no longer suits me.

The only thing I ever wanted anyone to take from this here blog is that you should follow whatever dream you have in your heart that you constantly, passionately fight for. Do the right things, with your dignity, integrity, and morals intact. But ultimately, do whatever is best for you within those parameters.

So, thank you God for this platform. I pray it inspired someone. I love you, and I always will. I will never forget you and you will always have a special place in my heart. You have watched me grow up. I am grateful for the outlet you have provided for me to carve out my voice. You are so special and forever apart of my story.

And for our final, yet familiar farewell: SMOOCHES XOXO