Sunday, January 13, 2019

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki

Hello, Dreamers! I was first introduced to Rich Dad Poor Dad by a college professor who I thought was, for lack of a better word, eccentric. I was only in his class because it was required. He wanted me to buy this book about money that we wouldn't even discuss. We just discussed his business and he tried to get us to buy books through said business. Needless to say, I did what I had to do to pass the class, but buying the book was not one of them. I was in college to learn about mathematics and accounting, not about someone's rich dad.

Since that class, every time I heard anything about Rich Dad Poor Dad, I immediately began to think of my current financial state and what I needed to do to improve it. However, I never thought to pick up the book. I thought to myself, "I went to college, I have degrees, and I am intelligent. I know what to do. Get a good paying job in my field and work hard. Save money and make smart/safe investments to retire with one day. Make sure I have good credit. Buy a house and pay the mortgage." Fast forward to December 30, 2018, and my thinking has changed drastically from when I was in college, yet slowly over the years. I am desperately in need of a shift on something because I have finally realized that my formal education hasn't taught me anything about making money and being rich. I suddenly found myself listening to the book I have ignored for years on YouTube.

I really love Kiyosaki's simplistic delivery. I felt like I was learning from my own dad. The book reinforced what I already knew to be true, shattered the attitudes I clung to about money, and built new beliefs about wealth creation at the same time. So below are my notes from the book. It's not strategic or chronological. The points below are my takeaways. Listen to the book FREE to get the information first hand if the knowledge I gathered resonates with you.

  • Recognize opportunities.
  • Gain financial intelligence.
  • Be optimistic. There is an overall tone of the book to change your thinking away from negation and to reinforce positive speech.
  • There is money in your gifts and passions, if you know how to sell it.
  • Kiyosaki challenges what we've all been programmed to know about going to school, getting a job, and being an employee.
  • Learn and retain useful skills that can aid in financial intelligence. Don't just simply be educated.
  • Learn how to be a good leader.
  • Embrace the concept of working to learn something new.
  • To get money you must give money. In fact, whatever you need more of, you should give what you have away.
  • Cast out fear and handle failure well. Losing has to inspire you. Turn failure into an opportunity.
  • A little greed beats laziness. You have to think "what's in it for me" and want more for yourself.
  • Pay yourself first, even if you are short on money.
  • Time and your mind are your most valuable resources.
  • Kill arrogance and listen to people who know more.
  • Don't listen to poor people.
  • Stay true to yourself and don't follow the crowd. What's popular isn't necessarily profitable.
  • Learn quickly.
  • Choose friends wisely who you can learn from, who are all from diverse backgrounds.
  • Make offers and don't be afraid to negotiate.
  • Convert earned income into passive income and portfolio income.

Thank you so much for reading and thank you to Robert Kiyosaki for writing this book. The book was the first step I needed towards the life I want. If you prefer to hold the book in your hands while you read it, order your copy HERE. SMOOCHES XOXO


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Sunday, January 6, 2019


Hello, Dreamers! Frankly, I need more Joy. I don't think anyone would mind having more of it. I decided to do a Pretty x Inspiring Session on joy to help manifest joy in my own life. This session is a study/note style and a summary of my findings. My hope is that this session inspires you to manifest joy in your own life as well.

What is Joy?

Joy is a product of what is inside you spiritually.
Joy is a state of being, feeling, and/or perceiving yourself to be well, successful, fortunate, and fulfilled.
If you are full of joy spiritually, joy is constant.
Joy is the source of happiness.
Joy is easily confused with fleeting happiness. People, places, things, and occurrences can affect and determine happiness.

Why do I need Joy?

Joy in pain eases suffering.
Joy can heal where depression has tried to deteriorate spiritually. Joy can aid the body in healing physically from trauma.
Joy, in itself, is full. So when you have joy, it fills you.

Where do I find Joy?

Joy is found when you have hope and faith
Joy is found before and after sadness. Similar to happiness, sadness is fleeting and is affected by people, places, things, and occurrences.
Joy is found in the faith and belief in your higher power.
Joy comes from rejoicing. If you want to find joy, begin to celebrate.

Do you agree with my findings above? What is joy to you? I would love to know what you think. Thank you! SMOOCHES XOXO

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Sunday, December 30, 2018


Hello, Dreamers! I want to share with you the first ever #DREAMERCHALLENGE!
Every New Year, we make resolutions and we say we are going to accomplish said resolutions. We look up and it's March. Soon after, we realize we've paid three-months worth of a gym membership and only went inside to workout three times. A couple of years ago, I stopped making resolutions. Instead, I started writing out a detailed plan of my goals in December and how I could accomplish them. Most times, I had began executing before the new year. Needless to say, I've already written out my plan with set goals for 2019. In order to accomplish these goals, I must now set the tone and the habits that I want to carry on way after my shiny, productive plan no longer twinkles in my eye.

My Goals: 1) Strengthen my mental and emotional health, 2) Publish two books, 3) Make my blog profitable, 4) Increase revenue of, 5) Increase event and online participants of Girls Like Me, Inc., and 6) Acquire assets.

For these goals, I have a working, moving, living plan. My plan and my steps of action work best for me and my situation. Since this my first time trying to accomplish the goals above, I don't have any tried and true methods to share as of yet. I am researching, learning, and developing the best ways to accomplish the goals I set for myself.

What I can share is how to make your plan your new lifestyle. Here is where the #DREAMERCHALLENGE comes in. For the entire month of January, I will be focusing on doing all that I can to execute my plan. I have accumulated many methods over the years that I use whenever I need to clear my mind, buckle down, and make major changes in my life. Using these methods, I will force myself to shift the time that I would normally waste toward accomplishing my goals. After 31 days, my methods will become my habits. I wanted to share this challenge so that you can move forward with your plans with clear intentions of succeeding this year. We can hold each other accountable and accomplish together. Here are my guidelines for the #DREAMERCHALLENGE2019:

1) No social media.
2) No sugar. Focus on fruits and vegetables, cut out processed foods.
3) Limited television. (I will literally be watching one show for one hour, once a week).
4) Replace any down time from social media or television with reading.
5) Follow morning routine everyday (wake up at 6 am, pray, read bible, workout, and eat light breakfast).
6) Follow daily work schedule.
7) No complaining and No speaking negatively.
8) No unnecessary spending. Research all "investments"/expenses for your plan in order to purchase in February.
9) No credit or spending money you don't have.
10) Spend at least two hours a day working on your plan.

Again, this is what I know I have to do to get my year going in the right direction. Once you establish your goals and your plan, let me know below how you are you going to find the time and create the environment for you to put it into action. Are you going to follow the #DREAMERCHALLENGE2019? We aren't using social media but you can use this hashtag and the picture below to let your followers know you'll be gone.


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Sunday, November 11, 2018

Yernin, Love Spell & Ming

Hello, Sugar Lumps! Here is quick rundown of a few of my favorite things from October 2018. 

Fave Song:

Fave Earrings:

Fave Beauty Product:

Fave Instagram

Promise to add more stuff next month. SMOOCHES XOXO

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Self-Love & Self-Care

Hello, My Hearts! Self-Love and Self-Care has become a welcomed part of my life. So much so, it has become Girls Like Me, Inc.'s theme this program year and I have been asked to speak on the topic on the very date this post will be published. I now know for myself that self-care is honoring the commitment of self-love I made to myself. Self-love and self-care is my first step of necessary work and healing. I have to master these two before I can began to peel back the layers of my trauma. So if you are on a self-love and self-care journey of your own, I hope these affirmations center your thoughts along the way. SMOOCHES XOXO