Wednesday, May 12, 2010


As soon as I got home, I have been immersed back into life in Winston-Salem. Of course, my mother and I got back on our normal routine love/argue as all mothers and daughters do. My brother Shaun had me running around getting him ready for prom. He ended up looking really nice with his date though.

Then I had a reunion with my high school cheerleading squad and coach. We stayed at The Springfield Suites; it was just beautiful. We ate at Hooters, caught up on how we are living now, reminisced on old times, stayed up to 4 am, and we even cheered out in the parking lot, but that's normal for us.
Then Monday I got up early and worked out with my besties, Blayre and Bethany. We ended up spending the whole day together. We ironically ate pizza for lunch. We watched TV, talked about everything from movies to relationships, and they called themselves giving me a mini makeup makeover. They were here so long that they even sat while I did house chores. 

At first, I was dreading coming back home but it was exactly what I needed. Coming back relieved my stress, humbled my spirit, and allowed me to remember how much I have achieved. It was a workout for my soul. Everyone I have encountered since my Escape has rolled in has pushed me even that much further to really get to the happy place I am now. They were all like my workout buddies; pushing me to my limit but only for my good. This was a great first step on my journey to OnlyGodKnowsWhere. Smooches!

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