Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Hey Guys!!! How are you?! I don't get to talk to you all much anymore because I was focused on giving you all Elisa-Approved content. Plus, I am constantly on the move with school, sorority, my mentoring program Girls Like Me (check it out: http://girlslikeme.webs.com), and just trying to be a better Lisa. But I want to spice up my blog and make it more personal. I really want you all to feel where I am coming from, what I love, what I dread, and what I am capable of. Of course, I have some ideas of my own ;) And I am taking pointers from all the successful fashion bloggers/stylists/tastemakers. However, wonderful readers, I need your opinion. What do you want to see from a Fashion-Loving, Hip-Hop-Listening, Big-Dream-Having Math Major? Let me know with a comment below. SMOOCHES XOXO