Sunday, September 11, 2011


I am up extra early for no reason at all. I went out of my room and into the hall of my dormitory to find last year's yearbook laying on the coach. I pulled up a seat and I began to flip through the pages. I just saw how much fun everyone around me had all year long. I was only in two pictures. I don't remember having that much fun. I remember working hard to be shot down, struggling through my classes, and caring about people who really didn't care about me. High school was the same way. I tried to enjoy myself but work always took precedence. Losing friends always put the ultimate damper on my parade.

Don't feel sorry for me; these are the choices I made. I just regret letting life fly by. I am 21 and my happy memories are minimal. I was a blessed child but some things in my past kept me depressed and anxious for years. It took me 21 years to truly love myself and to believe in myself.

This is my LAST semester of college. If there was never a better time to truly live my life, the time is now. If life is going to fly by me, I want to have the courage to hop on it's back and catch a ride. Every dream I ever had I am going to pursue. My bucket list will began to be checked off. I won't let finances hold me back. I won't let people's opinions affect my decisions. I won't compare my path to other people's lives; Jesus gave me these pink and gold plated Louboutin sneakers for a reason.

So life starts now. Let's Fly, Amelia Earnhart. SMOOCHES XOXO