Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Hello Everyone!!! I am sorry for the neglect but with finals and moving, I have just been extremely busy. And drum roll please for my major announcement... I am a graduate of Shaw University!!! I don't feel much different. I just feel like I am old mostly and like there is an expiration date on my dreams. That feeling on top of feeling like no one really understands my dreams has all made me very lethargic. I am supposed to be moving to Philadelphia in three days and I am not even packed.

I just don't want to fail. Fashion is the only thing I have been passionate about in a long time. It just happens to be the most risky route I could possibly take as a mathematics major with no fashion experience.

My brother asked me why won't I stay in Winston-Salem. It sounds very tempting. I know the city, I know where I could work, I could get my own place because the cost of living is low, and I know I will always be comfortable and content. However, I can't take the easy way out. I have to live my dreams and see how far I can get so that I won't have any regrets. No, I won't be getting paid much money and I will not be able to have my own place. I will be a country girl commuting between two big cities. But a moment of being uncomfortable is worth a lifetime of living my dreams. Everyone can't say that they live the life they dreamed they would. I want to be able to say it.

So I said all that to say, cast out fear. I graduated college even though three and a half years ago I was too terrified to even to apply to schools. I have already conquered one fear and its the perfect time to tackle them all. The same goes for you. Anything you are just afraid to try or do, I am here to encourage you to just do it. Especially if you feel stagnant, confused, and broken because you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.We are our own worst enemy sometimes but we have to let go of fear and become our own heroes. My superhero name is The Graduate ;)