Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Hello! I have been gone too long right?! I am trying to get it all together; I have been too busy for words. However, I did want to pause and just soak in all the positivity around my life. I am just so happy for my friends and family who are falling in love, in love, getting married, and having babies. I am happy that they are experiencing love in these various phases and I am glad they are blessed. While I am happy for my friends and family, a small evil voice likes to pop in and tries to have me compare myself to those around me. I begin to think: "Should I be having babies now?", "Should I be dating now?", "Should I be married?", "Why aren't I experiencing that?", and "When will I?" Have you ever felt that way? Well I just want you to know that I drown that voice out every time. I know that things will happen in my life when the time is right. I am so focused on pursuing a career that I wouldn't be able to love a man and baby as fully as I should. I have love in other forms. My family and friends love me. When people get to know me, they love me. People love my spirit. I genuinely love all people. And most importantly I LOVE MYSELF. I say it so much but its only because it took me too long to realize it. No one should go through life not realizing how much love is surrounding their life. Matter of fact, if you take a good look at what's surrounding you, love is probably chasing you and wanting you to share more of yourself with the world. As my grandmother would say, "Who loves you, baby?!" You're answer should be "I love myself sugar!" And don't ever forget that I love you too ;) Thanks for reading! SMOOCHES XOXO