Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Hello all! Senior year of high school was a very trying year for me in many ways but I made it through purely on grace. In my AP English class, I had an assignment to write a letter to myself four years from now, well then. I don't even remember writing the letter I wrote in May 2008 but I am so glad it came. It really just put my life in perspective about how blessed I am and how far I have came. I did not edit it; I wanted it to be real for everyone and transparent so that others can learn from it. The fact that most of what I wrote came to pass and that I was alive to read it, I know that I continue to ride on the wings of grace. Here is what I wrote:

"Dear Elisa,

Four years from now, I expect you to be graduating from Shaw or Spelman (hopefully Spelman) and just ready to take the world by storm. By this point, your business, Girls Like Me, should be booming and you should be done with your first book. You will still be best friends with Blayre and Bethany and you would have probably gained life long ones by now. If you don't have a man, oh well you figured that much. And hopefully still a virgin. LOL! (True Love Waits, for real though). If you do have man, yay! I know he has to be everything God has made him to be for you. Hopefully, you and mommy have a better relationship and maybe things are better or getting there with your father. Hopefully, your old Grannies who you love dearly are still around and kicking. And hopefully, you are closer with all your siblings: Senwan, Shaun, Senette, and Caleb. Most of all, I hope that your life will be going in the direction that you wanted it to. I hope that you have grew in some areas but for the most part is still the same, strong lady that you were born ♥. I hope that God has just kept his hands on you and that only doors can open, only mountains can move, and only giants can fall. I hope that the past four years has prepared you for the next prosperous four years.

Elisa K. Wiah"