Saturday, April 13, 2013


Hello Lovelies! I know I owe you an explanation for my long hiatus. Of course, with my deep self, I have thought of a metaphor to sum it all up. Awesomeness is like rain drops. Sometimes its just a few drops. Other times it pours and if you're brave and out in it, you'll be soaked. Eventually, you dry and it stops raining. But you know the rain is coming again. They may forecast it but you are never really sure when it will rain. You may not feel awesome or do awesome things all day, every day. But you have to remember that if you felt it before, you will have the opportunity to feel awesome again.

I lost my grandfather last month and I took it pretty hard. For the last year, I was really
involved in taking care of him and being in his life. I miss him all the time. On top of that, things keep changing and I don't know if it is the change I envisioned for myself. I just don't feel like Elisa. I don't feel motivated to do extra, just enough so people won't begin to worry. If you have depression as I do, you know that these are the symptoms and the triggers for our lack of awesomeness. We constantly have to manage our emotions, keep some awesomeness in reserve, and work extra hard through the hard times not to hit the lowest of lows. I thank God for keeping me during this time because I usually don't bounce back as I have this time around. I proved to myself that just because I don't feel awesome or that I have depression, I am not weak. I am strong enough to make it through a period where I am not producing awesomeness, a very uncommon thing for me.

So I am back people! And until I am back to 100% I will be enlisting help from some of my close inspirational, fashion, and music blogger friends. Collaboration always gives you strength. Remember, you can get back to awesomeness and stay tuned to Miss Elisa K. SMOOCHES XOXO

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  1. 1st sorry to hear about your grandfather.Loss is never easy.I know that feeling well and it can be sucky place to be in. God always comes to the rescue doesn't He?! What an awesome God.


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