Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Alphabet Sisters by Monica McInerney

Hello Awesome People! Today, I want to share with you one of my favorite books. The Alphabet Sisters by Monica McInerney is an excellent novel that unfolds a witty, wise family saga, filled with warmth and humour. Anna, Bett and Carrie Quinlan were childhood singing stars – the Alphabet Sisters. As adults they haven’t spoken in years. Not since Bett’s fiancé left her for another sister. Now Lola, their larger-than-life grandmother, summons them home for a birthday extravaganza and a surprise announcement. But just as the rifts begin to close, the Alphabet Sisters face a test none of them ever imagined. This is an unforgettable story of three women who learn that being true to themselves means being true to each other.

I love this book for two reasons. Number One: This story shows the real complexities of siblings. As I have experienced with my brothers Senwan and Shaun, we have turned into three totally different individuals with three totally different sets of morals and mind states even though we grew up the same way. However, we had to learn to appreciate the differences in each other. The novel exemplifies this life lesson. Number Two: The author, Monica McInerney, is such a sweet lady. About 2 years ago, I emailed her saying how I loved her book and that I was going to finish reading it as soon as I could get my hand on a copy. I picked up her book in the library but couldn't finish it because there was waitlist.  I expressed to her how her writing had inspired my own. From the kindness of her heart, she sent me a signed copy from her home. Anyone that kind with such creativity as hers deserves nothing less than to be recognized for her work. It is truly an honor to feature her work on my blog.

Please don't get waitlisted by your local library!!! Order your own copy today. I have placed the link below for your shopping convenience :) If you get the book, let me know what you think. I love you, READ A BOOK! SMOOCHES XOXO