Wednesday, January 22, 2014


 Hey Friends! Last week I attended NewFilmmakers' 16th Winter Season kick-off in New York City! The Short Film Program featured a film I worked on last year, Abyss: The Best Proposal Ever by Nicole Ayers. The short films featured were Cutout by Shyam Kannan, David at Daytime by Jason Pierre, and Red by Channing Godfrey Peoples. While all of the movies were phenomenal, I must say that the female filmmakers represented for the ladies! Red was a cinematographer's dream and the story just flowed naturally out of the heart of Texas. I really felt the main character's pain as we all are on a search for something. Red's search for her grandmother fur coat paralleled her search within for self-realization. Channing Godfrey Peoples created a classic short film. And I can't forget the movie that made our excursion possible. Nicole Ayers' film, Abyss, was dynamic. I laughed, I was shocked, and I had pity on the main character as his perfect proposal went south. Stuck on the streets of Philly waiting on Septa with his hilarious friend Manny, Eric's post-war trauma begins to collide with the pain of deception. The end result is one no one expects as the film progresses.

I had so much fun traveling with good people like Aleywa Taylor, Quincy Ennis, and Nicole Ayers. We talked the whole way down and the whole way back. We don't need no music! We are just crazy but that makes for the best times. We really cut up on set and you can see all of the behind the scene antics on the Abyss Youtube Channel. But the best part of our trip was the chicken. Blue Ribbon Chicken that is. I literally will go back to New York for the crispy chicken and all the lovely honey based sauces. The restaurant concept was just so simple it worked. And those loaded fries just gave me life. So happy it was just literally across the street from the Anthology Film Archives (that didn't stop us from getting lost though).


Working on the film was one thing, but seeing the end result is like getting kissed after the first date that you enjoyed but wasn't sure if the other person had a good time and you two are both super nervous. But in the end, it is confirmed with that good night kiss! Being at the film festival was the best confirmation of putting your best foot forward! SMOOCHES XOXO

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