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Hey Lovelies!!! No long introductions needed! I think you all are pretty familiar with my YFBFB posts. Today, I have a new fave for you all and she is absolutely a gem. Karima Renee is definitely one of Your Favorite Blogger's Favorite Blogger and she is representing for the Size Sexy Ladies and all the Curvy Girls! Most importantly, she is a boss! Blogger, Stylist, PSB President, YouTube Guru, Diva, Healthy Foodie; she does it all with ease! She is pretty much doing her thing here in Philadelphia. Check out the interview below to learn more about the girl behind The Skinny Minority brand.

Introduce yourself and your blog. 
My name is Karima Renee; I'm a fashion and style expert. My brand and blog, Skinny Minority is my daily source of personal style inspiration for curvy girls and women everywhere.

How long have you been a blogger and how did you come up with the idea to become one?
I've been a blogger for 3.5 years. I started on Tumblr when my former publicist put blogging on my To Do list.

Why did you choose to blog about your experiences, tips, and tricks as a Curvy Girl Stylist?
Nina Garcia, once said " whatever you do in life should have meaning... and if it doesn't touch/inspire the lives of others [what good is it]." My experience being a size 16/18 on the set of many photoshoots inspired me. It made me want to make a place for other girls like me. That along with my struggle to love my body made my passion and purpose real. Combining those things birthed Skinny Minority and I had a niche!

What/Who is your greatest inspiration when it comes to thinking of new and interesting posts? Everyday women who wear a size 14 or larger. I think about their needs, questions I get asked. I look at their struggles. My reader is Ty from Clueless not Cher or Dionne. Hello, I'm Cher... helping the world be a better place through fashion! LOL

What are your Favorite Blogger Must-Haves and why?
Blogger must haves, I don't know. But my style must haves are basic classics. 1. A tailored boyfriend blazer, 2. A Vintage Dress, I collect them, 3. Nude pointy toe pump, 4. Good Butt Skinny Jeans, 5. A bold handbag

You are the president of Philly Style Bloggers, a collective group of Bloggers in the Philadelphia Tri-State area actively working to increase both bloggers presence and influence. How important is networking with other bloggers, especially in your local community?
Its extremely important! Blogging is a business and like business... your only has good as your network. However, also like business you have to keep enemies closer than your friends. Blogging can be very catty and petty. However, I chose to bypass most of that and build a community where my bloggers and I come from a place of yes!

What are three Curvy Girl Trends that are a must for Spring 2014?

- Monochromatic looks with Bright Colors
- Maxi Skirts and crop tops
- Super stretch boyfriend jeans

Any advice for any bloggers or anyone who wants to become one?
- Take your time to build and learn your audience
- Plan your editorial calendar
- Don't be afraid to make changes to anything
- Use Wordpress.... Its just better

Thank you so much Karima Renee for the interview! And thank you my awesome readers. Follow Karima everywhere on the net and check out her blog today!


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