Friday, February 14, 2014

Dear Neighbor

Dear Neighbor a poem by Elisa Wiah

Over and Over
Let me in
But because of hurt you hold within
I can't push it away as much as I try
Even though I can imagine everything you are trying to hide
But it's not fair
I was prepared to unlock the door
My pains were caught off guard
But you won't even knock
Maybe it is best this way
Give every scar a chance to fade
So waiting is fine, since neither have a say
Someone must enter before you
One who is not afraid
He's seen the mess others have left behind
He's helped me clean from time to time
He always answers when you choose not to open your door
He's always walking through my door
He's at home
He's says he has done the same for you
A good neighbor
Won't tell about all your mess but urges me to pray for you
To give you strength as you clean
To give you rest at night while you rather chase dreams
So when ever you are ready to stop by neighbor
I always have warm honey, cookies, and tea
So when you are ready, we will be here
No need to knock


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