Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Hola Loves!!! I really don't believe in haters. I know they exist, but I try not to be one or associate with any. So, in my book, you are a non-factor if you are purposely, consistently hating on people. With that being said, I just want to encourage you if haters are running in your life. If you decide to do anything, stand for something, or you follow your own mind, people are going to have something to say. If you do the exact opposite of everything I just listed, people are still going to have something to say. I experience it daily. Trust, the shade in my life as a Christian and Blogger from other Christians and Bloggers is super real. But surprisingly, it rarely affects me. I will admit, I am sensitive and emotional because I like to influence people positively. When I do something to affect them negatively (most times, I have no idea what that "something" is), I feel like a bad person and that I was misunderstood when I just wanted to be accepted. Well, those are natural feelings. But I channel my emotions into energy and I fuel my future. I no longer take things too personally and I try my best to move forward. I focus on my work. I just think about building my brand, creating new ideas and business models, and to just keep climbing. Not to show-off or to prove your haters wrong, but to simply have your life focused. Sometimes, you have to have tunnel vision and speed past everyone who is spurring their opinions your way.

I've realized there are 3 Reasons why people hate: 1) They are trying to help, 2) They are jealous/don't like you, and 3) They do it to everybody (mom, brother, puppy) and you are no respect of person. Doesn't that make you feel better knowing that their hating has nothing to do with you but their mental instability to not focus on their own lives. God wants us to be purveyors of truth and love. You can spread the truth about Christ just by being nice to people, encouraging them, and not saying anything if you have nothing nice to say. SIMPLE. Before you start getting deep with folks, check yourself and your delivery. It takes a special spirit to tell people the whole truth about Christ without that person turning the mirror back on their flaws but instead being convicted in their spirit enough to recognize a messenger from Christ. I am so quick to tell you, I love Jesus Christ but who am I without him but an empty, wretched vessel? I am not a preacher, a deacon, or any other title that screams Holy. I am a human being who knows where her help comes from! So therefore, I seek Christ, share what I know for sure, and I purvey love. I think if we all, me especially, would spend less time on haters, we could focus on ourselves and lead by example. Don't be a Hater; Be a Purveyor. SMOOCHES XOXO


  1. I always think when a person is listing what they think about you as a hater, they are talking about what they hate about themselves. Those girls who are like "Oh your stupid or ugly" its like, girl, you are describing how you feel inside with your insecurities. Just stop. Boo, bye.

    Haha Do you girl!

    1. Exactly! It's almost always an issue they have with themselves. When you are content in what God gave you and how he made you, you don't worry about others. You're just concerned about being better than you were yesterday! Thanks for chiming in Malibu!


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