Monday, April 14, 2014


I am Unashamed about my relationship with Christ... but only recently. And only because I finally realized that I had to include him in everything, including the blog. This blog is me. I started the blog to chronicle my journey into the fashion industry but God had other plans. The blog, in turn, began to chronicle my growth, my real life, and my emotions. I showcased the things that influence my thinking daily. I'm finally at a point where I am tired of fighting God on my purpose. He wants me to talk about Him. He wants me to make Him the focal point of all I do. I have realized that I know nothing at all about life and what it means. I have to re-learn everything and it is shaking up my world like no other. Nothing is normal. My relationships are falling apart and some are growing stronger. Even though I finally know who I am in Christ, I have absolutely no idea what is supposed to evolve from this point of realization. All I know is that Christ influences my thoughts, my life, my creativity, the music I listen to, my interest in fashion, my passions, and my daily life. I just want people to know that whatever you think about me or have made up in your mind about Elisa, erase it. Honestly, everyday, no matter how yesterday went, I enter into my daily interactions with every human, no matter what religion they profess, with an understanding that we are all children of God. I am an imperfect child of God and serve Jesus Christ with my whole life. I fall, yes. I stumble, yes. I try my best, yes. Don't give up on whatever you feel is divinely and spiritually propelling you forward. This is me not giving up when I feel I have every reason to. I thank Jesus for this platform and opportunity. Thank you for reading. I want to infect you with the Love of Christ. If you can feel Him when you reach the home page, that's all that matters. I am not erasing old posts because they signify the fact that we all have a past and that Christians are real people who make real mistakes who live real lives who made a decisions to have a real relationship with the real  Jesus Christ.
So thank you for everything and I hope you enjoy The NEW Miss Elisa K.

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