Monday, October 27, 2014


Hello Loves! For a while now, my Bishop has been teaching us about faith. While his teaching and knowledge on faith is explosive and is changing my heart, my mind continues to hold limits. Just for background and transparency, I am a business owner. I consider this blog, my non-profit, my online boutique, and my web show subsidiaries of my company. I really went as hard as I could for these things to do well but my best wasn't good enough. My businesses didn't perform as well as I would've liked them to for multiple reasons. People say to me "well at least you did and got this far." But all I see is, of course, a lesson learned, but more profoundly I see hovering failures. I am at a point in my life where I either have to make my dreams work in way so that I can still live or I have to be content for a while just working my 9-5. Because attempting to do both is killing me. And doing multiple things and not focusing or even honing into what's most important is making everything I do for myself lack luster. And I know what some of you are going to say, "be grateful you have a job." But now I know why the people who say that say it. Life beat down their dreams so much that they either succumbed to the non-pursuit of their dreams, or they lost it all chasing them. As you succumb to the non-pursuit of your dreams, a little piece of you dies every day. That glimmer in your eye, that pep in your attitude, that spark in your soul. And for some they just go on doing what they have to do as the spark dims day in and day out until it is extinguished.

I am at the point where I am trying to not to let the spark in my soul die. I am trying not to let everything that has fallen make me trip up on what God said he had for me. It is so hard to hold on when you feel like all you do is fail when it comes to the things you were called you to do. Because now even what you know you heard comes into question. Like many of my #FoodForThought posts, I am not bringing a solution but showing others who may be dealing with this that they are not alone. I had a long talk with my cousin about everything and he was just encouraging and he believes in me. He believes in me so much that he is going to connect me with some people who may be able to help. Sometimes you just need people who believe in you enough to give you an opportunity. Or maybe you are where I have been the last 2 years, there are no opportunities. Whatever you are doing is not opening doors and all of the people you are helping are either using you or don't have the power to present you with any new opportunities. Just take it with a grain of salt and sow it into good ground. The only thing that has me holding on is that I know all I have done for others and I know I always try to do my best when I say I am going to do something for someone. I am not doing it for them. I am doing it because the Lord led me to do it. If I am doing it for him, I am doing it to give him glory.

The limits that have been placed around my faith in my mind can only be transcended by Christ. With all the things that are on my back, I should have gave up a long time ago. But there is no limit to God's strength. There are no limits on how much God can bless your life in one day. And most importantly there is no limit on the love, grace, and mercy that He shows us daily. You may feel like your faith is limited like mine is today. But if you are really like me, you will take it all to Christ. I have just been in my word. I've been praying and I've been sowing. I know life isn't perfect and the limits won't be loosed overnight. However, I know if I humble myself to my limitless God that He will remove the limits from my faith as well. Stay encouraged! No Limits. SMOOCHES XOXO

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