Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Currently, Casey J's single, "Fill Me Up" has been ringing in my soul. Tonight on Girl Talk with Elisa I will discuss how I've been running away from God and his voice. Instead of allowing God to fill me up, I've been trying to fill my heart with other things. I've been trying to take my life in my own hands. I got a reaffirming word from the Lord and you would think I would be happy but it scared me. Mainly, I was scared because I just don't see the Lord using me in that way. Over the weekend, I realized it doesn't matter how people view me and it doesn't even matter how I view myself. I've been called to do his work. So no matter how much I want to run away from him, I will get my dosage. Even if the Lord has to double up or change my prescription, he's determined to heal me. When he finally caught me and when I finally surrendered, the Lord began to fill me up with all I need to do his work. He had to remind me that he is the doctor of my soul and that he knows what is best for my spiritual well being and growth. I just want to encourage you to let the Lord empty you of all your hurts, pains, judgements, and bad days. He wants to fill you with His spirit. He wants to fill you with a fresh anointing for what's next. He wants to fill you with his power.  Your life was calculated. You have to be filled so that you can be emptied daily by pouring God's love onto others. You are filled to be a filler. You are filled to minister. You are filled to serve. I love you but Jesus loves you way more bud, SMOOCHES XOXO

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