Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Hey Loves! My last #FoodForThought was about letting God fill you up. Today, this post is about when you have to pour out all God has put in you. When it really inconveniences you to be there for others but you know it's what you've been called to do. Today is one of those days for me. Usually, I would stress, go crazy, have a bad attitude for the day, and take out my aggression on the ones who love me most. But strangely, and gratefully, I have a calm over me. I am determined to not stress over this because I know God has me. I've finally realized there is no use in pouring out on others if your are pouring out mud and dirty dish water.

Whatever you pour out onto others needs to be pure, refreshing, and cleansing to their spirits. Even though you will be left empty, our faith fills us until God restores. He will always take care of those who believe in Him. So when you pour out onto others, make sure you are happy about your decision. Smile and don't complain. Don't remind them that you are going out of your way no matter how appreciative they are. Do whatever you are doing for that person unto Christ.

Trust me, I know it is difficult. This will literally be my first time passing this test! But I know the Lord is so able and I'm tired of going around this mountain. People are always going to need me to do something for them. I am going to be convicted in my spirit to serve. Every time I have to serve someone else, I don't want to be vexed, angry, and drained because I am the only one who will feel the aftermath of it all in my heart, body, mind, and spirit. So today, I don't want my emotions to control my pouring out anymore. I am going to pour out with the expectancy that the Lord will fill me with even more. Love You, SMOOCHES XOXO

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