Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Hello Beauty!! Yes, I said Beauty, because you are! The Lord and I have had many conversations about this lately because I am a girl. I want to feel pretty, look pretty (to myself and others; preferably my Boaz wherever he may be whenever he finds me), and I want to be on fleek ;) But the dominating question is how do you define beauty, pretty, and fleek. Society has a very clear view (in America it's "exotic" lips, hips, and butts, long hair, perfect nails, perfect eyebrows, perfect makeup, unique but not too different personal style, flat, cinched stomachs and waists). After all, if you don't got it, get it, and flaunt it, right?

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Well, to back track, I was thinking about these things because I have natural hair (Type 4, C, but I have heat damage in the back and the curl pattern in my crown is looser). My hair just felt so unmanageable because it takes me hours to do it in a way that is "acceptable" and doesn't last me long at all (wash, twist early enough so that they can dry the next day, then take down and fluff to oblivion; that last 5 days. I don't redo it and then my hair gets matted). At the time, I really wasn't caring about my appearance due to being overwhelmed and busy. But since I wanted to look and felt I had to look "presentable," I tried wigs. I loved them, but I felt like I was hiding. I wore straight wigs or more curly, wavy wigs, not kinky, coily like my hair. And the only reason was because the looser the curl pattern, the less work you have to do to manage it. I didn't want a wig that required more work than my own hair. The whole point was to do no hair. However, I got too many compliments and it made me feel bad. I am complimented for my wigs and told I look better in my wigs than I do the way my hair grows out of my scalp? I knew this was just a societal norm that some people can't get past but it still hurt. A part of me wanted to just be Black Power, forget society, all natural everything, free your mind, and the rest will follow. But another part of me wanted to be complimented, to be pretty and feel pretty, to look like the other girls, to get likes on Instagram, and to be accepted.

Then I realized, God, I never included you in this decision. Why didn't I just ask you? You made me, you know me, and you know my hair. You know where I'm going so you know what my style needs to be. You know my financial situation so you know what I can afford. So, I talked to God about my beauty routine! Who would have thunk it?! We've came to the conclusion that what I want, need, and is best for me is inexpensive ease. So weaves and wigs, unless it is a special occasion is out the window. Braids, not out the window but on hold until I find a professional who is accessible and gentle with my natural hair. Then I told the Lord, "You know, I could just get a relaxer. Maybe even get a short cut because I always wanted one. It's just hair." And he said "No, take time to do your hair like you used to." And I was shocked! I was like really. Not only would my hair be mine and inexpensive but it would be easier to do. Why would the Lord, tell me that? And then I remembered physically, my hair had very bad reactions to relaxer when I was younger and my hair broke off often. Spiritually, having straight, long hair was a mental thing for me. I now know that hair was an idol for me. I felt as long as my hair was done, my edges were laid, I'm cute. I didn't seek Christ for beauty; I sought the "Just For Me" box. I transitioned to natural hair when I gave my life back to Christ and I was transitioning into a holier lifestyle. I didn't plan it that way but God did. I had to learn to love myself all over again through His eyes. I had to see myself the way He sees me. Then I said, "Okay Lord what about makeup? I know I should do something, but I don't like it. You know my acne trips on me." He said, "Well start with those lip butters so it would be just like putting on lip balm for you. Maybe invest in a nice foundation you can wear some days but not everyday." I was intrigued, "Lord, what about my nails and eyebrows. I want to get them done professionally but I feel bad spending money to get them done. Grandma doesn't get her nails done anymore. I'd rather her get her nails done and feet done than me." Then the Lord said, "You and Grandma go together. Spend time with her and treat her. Don't worry about money. I provide all of your needs." I said well we might as well cover all bases. "Lord, what about my style. I want to change it to fit my personality. I know you said don't worry about money but I don't know where to start." He responded, "You are going to have to let a lot of things go that you already have. You know how to shop. Use good judgement."

Just like that, in true beauty guru form, the Lord revamped my entire beauty routine! Now this wasn't one conversation. The Lord talked to be about this (among many other things including my spiritual walk, faith and trust in Him, being more positive, letting go of worry, watching my mouth) as I sought Him daily over the last month. Now if you're reading this, I'm not saying that relaxed hair, makeup, expensive clothes, weaves, waist cinchers, or anything like that is bad or sinful. I'm not making myself a holy standard of beauty either. What I am saying is that even your beauty decisions should include Christ. How you look and everything else about you is supposed to glorify the Lord. Your looks aren't to entice men. Your looks aren't to impress other women. Beauty additives shouldn't be used for you to hide behind. They shouldn't be used to boost a low self-esteem. This is about to sound so cliche, but God made you in His image. Don't you think that the awesome God you serve is and will be beautiful (when we get to heaven). So therefore, you are beautiful. And one last cliche, beauty comes from the inside. No matter what your hair looks like, what you can afford, or how on fleek you are, your love for others, your confidence, your joy, and your character define your beauty.

So don't get caught up in the hype of "society" or even what everyone else is doing. Seek God in all things, but even in adorning your beauty. Think about it this way: if you aren't married here on earth, we are all the bride to Jesus. You want to be beautiful to Him, your husband. So ask Him what He wants to see. Not only will he deal with your outer appearance but he will begin to revamp your heart and spirit as well. He's going to show you that you are already fly on the outside. I hope you know it. SMOOCHES XOXO

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015


I have been asking God for 3 things lately. 1) Wisdom, 2) Strength, and 3) To show me what I am supposed to learn during this season. I really love the Lord, and he is picking so much stuff out of my heart and spirit. So much so, it hurts. I really thought it would feel good knowing that I am a better person and living holy but it literally hurts. Don't get me wrong; my spirit is at peace and I have real joy in my heart. My mind is set on heaven and Christ. But I am being attacked in my flesh daily here on Earth. THE TESTS. Bruh. Deny myself, turn the other cheek, apologize though I did nothing wrong, lose friends, being alone. With every win, there's a loss. I see other people living and doing as they please in the world and they are just having fun. Yea, the things of this world are fleeting. But because we serve a good God, they can do their thing, turn back to Christ and He will accept them as His own. Why can't I go do my thing while I'm young and come back when I'm ready? But I've come to far to give up on Him and my progress, right?

I know this may seem like the craziest thing in the world but even with all the hell you face while you serve God, there is too much favor. I could never turn away from Christ, even if I stumble. If I were to leave God now, there is no "Save" button. Everything I've done to perfect my heart will be lost. I remember how broken I was. Yea, I had fun moments that my flesh enjoyed. But for the most part, I remember being worried, tired, sad, scared, lost, unwanted, poor. I felt like I was empty and like I had nothing to give.

Christ changed all that when I decided to give my heart back to Him at 21. Yes, young and fine. I've been told why am I wasting my life? Why am I doing so many "good deeds" when I could be doing me? For a long time, that thinking made me question myself and it made me stumble on my walk with Christ. I didn't know the answer and I felt like in some ways they were right. Yet, I was reminded with every broken yoke, generational curse undone, miracle, blessing, and bad habit weened out of my spirit, that He has the answers to everything.

Now, I know the answer. God called me to do something now that I can't do when I'm 40. I won't be able to relate with teen girls and girls in their twenties. I won't be free from some of the responsibilities and even health issues that tend to slow you down as we age. My purpose, as for all of us, is to win souls. I'm called to do it through sharing my life and pouring into other young women like myself now. So If I have to minister to a teen girl, I have to be delivered from self-esteem issues, disobedience, and fear now. If I have to minister to another 24 year old woman like myself, all my trust has to Christ, and I can't idolize lustful acts, my body, a man, my appearance, and money.

When God calls you, know He has a plan. You have to know that it won't be easy and that you will go through some things. However, you have to know that it is bigger than you. Even if you were born to just bring one person to Christ by living in your calling, that's one life at stake if you are not obedient. And there are real treasures in living for God when you are young. If I am called to be a wife, the Lord will send me one of His good sons who has been prepared specifically for me to help Him. I won't be confused by someone who is nice at the moment, doesn't love God as I do, and never was meant to be my husband. If I am called to be a mother, my children will know that they have a holy mother who has always lived for the Lord. I won't be perfect but they won't be able to say, "Well before mom got saved, we saw her do this or that." If the Lord is calling me to be someone's boss, all of the tests I am submitting myself  to now as a servant of the Lord will prepare me to adequately handle a staff firmly and professionally yet with the compassion of Christ.

So I said all that to say, if you are living for Him while you are yet young and want to be free, don't stop, don't quit, don't turn back. Just keep your focus on Christ and all the treasures that will touch your life here on Earth as well as in Heaven. SMOOCHES XOXO

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Hola Amigos! So today, I want to explain 3 ways to clean your plate. For my fat kids who love to eat, I am not talk literally clean your plate like Guy Fieri. I am referring to your full plate of responsibilities, duties, and schedules.

You might be asking, ""Lisa, we are Christians! Aren't we supposed to be super people who balance everything no matter what and do every good thing we get the opportunity to do?" Well my answer: No, not really. I had to learn this the hard way. And I am still cleaning my plate. It went from overflowing onto the table cloth to just full ;) All good things aren't God things. God never told you to do these things. But you are so happy to serve Jesus at the moment so you over committed, you feel obligated and think it would be wrong to let others down, or you feel like you have to earn God's love with good deeds that you just stack too many things onto your life. I have felt all of the above emotions before and I am finally beginning to let the Lord free me from myself. So below are 3 ways I started to allow God to clean my plate.

1) Pray and Seek God.
I will ALWAYS, I repeat, will ALWAYS include prayer into a post where I am giving advice because only God can really provide the answers we need. When you have constant communication with God, you actively seek Him, and you demand His presence in your life, He will give you instructions and directives often. If you would only talk to Him, He would tell you and show you how much He loves you and that there is nothing you can do to win His Love. If you would talk to Him, he would reveal your purpose to you, the things he really wants you to do, and the things he doesn't want you to do. This was hard for me but I had to submit myself to prayer and to hearing His voice. I learned that its better to be reprimanded by God than to ignore Him while He let's you do your thug-thizzle.

2) Don't Go Over! Over Extend, Over Book, or Over Stress.
Doesn't it seem like everyone always picks the same day to have multiple events and they all "need" you to be there? Sometimes, you really want to help people and be involved in certain activities but you can't be in 5 places at once. You have to prioritize and pick the events, things, people, and places that are most important to you. If not, you will be worn out with no time to recuperate. I used to try to coordinate times and map out the quickest routes just so I could fulfill all of the many commitments I had in one day. I realized I was wasting time planning and it was at times unnecessary for me to even had put myself through the stress (i.e. the show will go on whether one monkey is there or not). Now, I talk to Jesus, prioritize, and commit to the event that is most important that day.  I am now a better manager of my time and I don't have the pressure or stress of juggling commitments.

3) Simply Say No.
Sometimes, you will be over extended and be too busy. There will always be some people or occasions you just know you have to be there for (and it is ordained by God; an eternal commitment). But then there are those people and occasions that are not pertinent. You have to learn to discern between the two and just say "NO" to the latter. When you are faithful to your eternal commitments, people recognize and want you to be faithful to them or their thing. They just want to use your gifts. Unless God calls you help someone even though they know and you know they are just using you (and God has called me to do this often), don't feel bad for saying NO. NO, NO, NO. If you can't help them, God will send someone who will be able to fill the need they need met. If God didn't say it was you, why hold up someone's spot because of sympathy? Free yourself, free them from themselves (they may be moving ahead of God), and say NO.

In closing, seek God before you make decisions about your time because you are here for a very short period of time and you should only be doing what he has called and instructed you to do. God honors people who are faithful, and don't flake no matter how over-extended you are. I went through a season where I was just doing too much but I stayed faithful (mind you, I didn't know my calling yet). Now He is opening doors because of my faithfulness and allowing me to gracefully bow out of things to focus on what he has instructed me to do. And in ALL things, do it as unto the Lord. Everything you do is unto Him. So learn how to do whatever you signed-up for with a positive attitude. God is able to give you good instructions if you are listening and follow them. I'm hungry now. SMOOCHES XOXO

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Hey Flower Childs! This morning I was thinking about people who I feel are sneaky with ulterior motives who I have deal with because of my environment. As I thought about the talking behind my back, the petty actions, and the smiling in my face, shivers crept up my spine. I told the Lord, "Please just keep those snakes away from me." And he quickly replied, "There are snakes in the garden." He always has comeback for me.

In that moment, I finally realized something that I really have been struggling to grasp. Just because there are people and things that make you uncomfortable, tempt you, or deter you doesn't mean you let it stop you from being in this beautiful space, environment, or community that God called you to be in. That was so me. I was ready to just leave these spaces because I don't need this stress! Like why are people coming from me? Lord, I'm not even all you've called me to be yet; I'm slumming!! Why are they making my life miserable?! Why do they go back & forth from nice to nasty?! Why can't they just leave me alone?

When asking God why, remember that Adam and Eve had a snake in their garden as well. Why did satan smile at Eve and then tempt her, which made Adam uncomfortable, and cause them both to deter from their purpose of being in the garden. Because simply satan was jealous. God goes and create two beings in His image and set them up with the greatest gifts and purposes ever, sets them up in a lavish environment, and provides all of their needs. satan was cast out of heaven, never to return because he thought that he should be God, even though he was already very beautiful, very talented, and had so much favor. It still wasn't enough for him.

Same goes for the snakes here on earth. They are so busy trying to mess you up and trick you up that they aren't focused on all God has called them to be and do. Most likely, they are so jealous of your favor, talent, or blessings that they want it also. But they are missing out on all the favor, talent, and blessings that God has specifically for them once they begin to do what He has called them to do.

Unfortunately, you can't change their hearts or their minds. Only Christ can do that. And you can't leave where God has purposed you to be because they are getting on your nerves. You can't stop God's will because of pain and suffering. You can handle this through God's peace, strength, and wisdom. Besides, you may be there to just to show them their ways. Just to show them how to walk in grace in your own calling. Just to show how to serve God despite persistent opposition. Just to deliver them from the spirit on jealousy, envy, and covetousness through the love of Christ that is in you.

So don't shy away and don't leave your beautiful garden. Tend, sit, and enjoy! Just get the sword of the Lord (your word; the bible) on your lips and love in your heart to cut the heads off of the snakes that will try to attack you while you work and relax in Christ. Flowers, Snakes & SMOOCHES XOXO

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Hola Mi Amor! Recently, I have noticed some of my loved ones and old friends are finally turning their lives around and giving their whole lives to Christ and committing to just being better people than they were yesterday. When I see old friends and loved ones turning to Christ, I don't feel anything but joy. I am happy to know that they too will experience that love and peace that is in serving Jesus. Whether they were inspired by me or not, I feel like I hit the lotto when I witness it for myself!

Many times, we want our walk with Christ to result in riches, blessings, miracles, and even healing in our bodies. And He is capable of it all. But if you never get exactly what you want, your "Good Christian Reward," will you still walk with Him? Will you still think he is able to do all things?

Remember we aren't on this earth to acquire but to give. Our sole purpose is to win people for Christ and build the Kingdom of Heaven. And the goal, the ultimate reward, is eternity with Him in Heaven. The things of this earth are fleeting and your heavenly Father who knows what you need and when you need it holds it all in His hands. Just trust Him to provide your needs. Will things be easy? Nah bruh. Will you want to give up at times and doubt Him? Oh yeah. But you have to remember that you aren't serving Him for the things you think you can get but because He died on the cross so that you can have eternal life despite all of the not so great things you will do.

So this is my Easter Public Service Announcement: We have to rejoice and mourn over the correct things. We should mourn sin and how sad it is that many of our peers are willing to abandon Christ for things instead of praising them and wishing we were them and not saved. We should rejoice when our brothers and sisters finally see the Truth and began their journeys with the Lord. Just as the Easter/Resurrection Holiday should do, we must shift and change our focus to Jesus Christ. The only reason for everything! SMOOCHES XOXO

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