Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Hola Amigos! So today, I want to explain 3 ways to clean your plate. For my fat kids who love to eat, I am not talk literally clean your plate like Guy Fieri. I am referring to your full plate of responsibilities, duties, and schedules.

You might be asking, ""Lisa, we are Christians! Aren't we supposed to be super people who balance everything no matter what and do every good thing we get the opportunity to do?" Well my answer: No, not really. I had to learn this the hard way. And I am still cleaning my plate. It went from overflowing onto the table cloth to just full ;) All good things aren't God things. God never told you to do these things. But you are so happy to serve Jesus at the moment so you over committed, you feel obligated and think it would be wrong to let others down, or you feel like you have to earn God's love with good deeds that you just stack too many things onto your life. I have felt all of the above emotions before and I am finally beginning to let the Lord free me from myself. So below are 3 ways I started to allow God to clean my plate.

1) Pray and Seek God.
I will ALWAYS, I repeat, will ALWAYS include prayer into a post where I am giving advice because only God can really provide the answers we need. When you have constant communication with God, you actively seek Him, and you demand His presence in your life, He will give you instructions and directives often. If you would only talk to Him, He would tell you and show you how much He loves you and that there is nothing you can do to win His Love. If you would talk to Him, he would reveal your purpose to you, the things he really wants you to do, and the things he doesn't want you to do. This was hard for me but I had to submit myself to prayer and to hearing His voice. I learned that its better to be reprimanded by God than to ignore Him while He let's you do your thug-thizzle.

2) Don't Go Over! Over Extend, Over Book, or Over Stress.
Doesn't it seem like everyone always picks the same day to have multiple events and they all "need" you to be there? Sometimes, you really want to help people and be involved in certain activities but you can't be in 5 places at once. You have to prioritize and pick the events, things, people, and places that are most important to you. If not, you will be worn out with no time to recuperate. I used to try to coordinate times and map out the quickest routes just so I could fulfill all of the many commitments I had in one day. I realized I was wasting time planning and it was at times unnecessary for me to even had put myself through the stress (i.e. the show will go on whether one monkey is there or not). Now, I talk to Jesus, prioritize, and commit to the event that is most important that day.  I am now a better manager of my time and I don't have the pressure or stress of juggling commitments.

3) Simply Say No.
Sometimes, you will be over extended and be too busy. There will always be some people or occasions you just know you have to be there for (and it is ordained by God; an eternal commitment). But then there are those people and occasions that are not pertinent. You have to learn to discern between the two and just say "NO" to the latter. When you are faithful to your eternal commitments, people recognize and want you to be faithful to them or their thing. They just want to use your gifts. Unless God calls you help someone even though they know and you know they are just using you (and God has called me to do this often), don't feel bad for saying NO. NO, NO, NO. If you can't help them, God will send someone who will be able to fill the need they need met. If God didn't say it was you, why hold up someone's spot because of sympathy? Free yourself, free them from themselves (they may be moving ahead of God), and say NO.

In closing, seek God before you make decisions about your time because you are here for a very short period of time and you should only be doing what he has called and instructed you to do. God honors people who are faithful, and don't flake no matter how over-extended you are. I went through a season where I was just doing too much but I stayed faithful (mind you, I didn't know my calling yet). Now He is opening doors because of my faithfulness and allowing me to gracefully bow out of things to focus on what he has instructed me to do. And in ALL things, do it as unto the Lord. Everything you do is unto Him. So learn how to do whatever you signed-up for with a positive attitude. God is able to give you good instructions if you are listening and follow them. I'm hungry now. SMOOCHES XOXO

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