Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Hey Flower Childs! This morning I was thinking about people who I feel are sneaky with ulterior motives who I have deal with because of my environment. As I thought about the talking behind my back, the petty actions, and the smiling in my face, shivers crept up my spine. I told the Lord, "Please just keep those snakes away from me." And he quickly replied, "There are snakes in the garden." He always has comeback for me.

In that moment, I finally realized something that I really have been struggling to grasp. Just because there are people and things that make you uncomfortable, tempt you, or deter you doesn't mean you let it stop you from being in this beautiful space, environment, or community that God called you to be in. That was so me. I was ready to just leave these spaces because I don't need this stress! Like why are people coming from me? Lord, I'm not even all you've called me to be yet; I'm slumming!! Why are they making my life miserable?! Why do they go back & forth from nice to nasty?! Why can't they just leave me alone?

When asking God why, remember that Adam and Eve had a snake in their garden as well. Why did satan smile at Eve and then tempt her, which made Adam uncomfortable, and cause them both to deter from their purpose of being in the garden. Because simply satan was jealous. God goes and create two beings in His image and set them up with the greatest gifts and purposes ever, sets them up in a lavish environment, and provides all of their needs. satan was cast out of heaven, never to return because he thought that he should be God, even though he was already very beautiful, very talented, and had so much favor. It still wasn't enough for him.

Same goes for the snakes here on earth. They are so busy trying to mess you up and trick you up that they aren't focused on all God has called them to be and do. Most likely, they are so jealous of your favor, talent, or blessings that they want it also. But they are missing out on all the favor, talent, and blessings that God has specifically for them once they begin to do what He has called them to do.

Unfortunately, you can't change their hearts or their minds. Only Christ can do that. And you can't leave where God has purposed you to be because they are getting on your nerves. You can't stop God's will because of pain and suffering. You can handle this through God's peace, strength, and wisdom. Besides, you may be there to just to show them their ways. Just to show them how to walk in grace in your own calling. Just to show how to serve God despite persistent opposition. Just to deliver them from the spirit on jealousy, envy, and covetousness through the love of Christ that is in you.

So don't shy away and don't leave your beautiful garden. Tend, sit, and enjoy! Just get the sword of the Lord (your word; the bible) on your lips and love in your heart to cut the heads off of the snakes that will try to attack you while you work and relax in Christ. Flowers, Snakes & SMOOCHES XOXO

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