Friday, May 29, 2015


Hey Loves! My schedule has been full so please excuse me for not being on schedule. It's Friday and I don't have points today (those all come from the spirit though). I do want to say that I have really been faced with temptation of all types this week. Like my flesh has been crying. There will be days where you are a strong soldier for the Lord. There will be other days when you have to lean on to the strength of God to get through. But on both days remember why you are living Holy. It's not to strive for perfection and it's not boast about how great our lives are. We live Holy because our daily lives are worship unto God. That's what he wants from us. He wants your pure worship.
A few months ago, if I would have been tempted, I would've easily let my flesh have its way. But I didn't stop walking with Christ even in my deliberate laying downs (I was too knowledgeable to call it a fall). Now when I am tested, I may be tempted and my flesh may cry out, but I don't succumb. I just think: "God, I am too far into you. I can't cheat on you. I love you. We are finally in a good space. People are depending on me living right and looking at my relationship with you. I can't stop worshiping you with my life." The moment of pleasure will last for only a little while, then the guilt will rush in, and the process to restore will take longer than expected.

Everything of the world is fleeting. Like many people, I have struggled with abstaining from sex, masturbation, pornography, not fasting and praying, not reading my bible, not spending quality time with God, overeating, procrastination, idolization of things, etc. The instant gratification is really instantaneous. Once you feel pleasure from these things, that good feeling is gone. I made a decision that I no longer wanted instant. I wanted something long lasting. Something reassuring. Something that would withstand the test of time. Something that determined time. Something that had my best interest. Something that made me a priority. Something that would challenge me to be a better person. Something that would make me grow into a better person. None of those things listed above have the ability to do that for you if you participate in them and make idols out of them. Having a relationship with Christ and making Him your one and only God are the only things that remedy instant gratification and satisfy you for a lifetime.

So I know its easier said than done, but stay strong. Seek God and pray in all things, at all times. If you are weak, turn to God. If you fall, don't stop moving forward. Life is a JOURNEY with ups and downs. You will be tempted; that's not optional. Your reaction to temptation: totally up to you. Will you have the strength to make a choice to gratify you flesh or worship Christ with your life? I don't miss the old me. SMOOCHES XOXO

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