Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Hey Loves! I was originally going to post a piece I wrote inspired by everything going on in Baltimore right now. However, the Lord convicted me about it and I decided not to post it. I didn't ask Him why but I am not sure as to why either. But I obeyed Him anyway. Then it dawned on me, I better take note of this.

This post is not for those of you who are in their rebellious stage with Christ. I just got out of mine. I wouldn't listen to the Lord and He was talking to me all the time. So much so, I tried to drown out His voice by not reading the Bible as often, not spending time with Him as much as I should, watching horrible reality TV, and leaning on other bad habits to fill the void of Him and to stay distracted. I did anything not to be reprimanded and forced out of my comfort zone by God. I just got out of it because I slowly had to get better and learn to trust Him. It was a process. It took me three years to stop being rebellious, to listen to God, and to walk in my calling, without asking Him questions of doubt. I only have faith and trust that He would do what He said now. But since you are a rebel, you are going to read this post anyway ;) I hope this prepares you for the next level that God wants to shift you to.

So, as I said before, I have to take note of this moment where the Lord is saying no to me posting this post. When the Lord says no, it is because now is not the time, it is not for you, it is for later, He is trying to protect you from it, or He is trying to teach you something. We have to remember that the Lord sees things that we can't see. I don't know what could have happened if I would've posted that post. It is not that serious to me because what I see doesn't seem like it could cause damaging effects. But the Lord knows it all so trust Him, stop wasting your time, and listen to Him.

To touch back, one thing we don't hear often about the Lord's "No" is that he is trying to teach us something through being denied. Think about it: A child asks his parents for a new video game and the child has been doing well at home and in school. Except, the parents see that he broke and tore up his last video game that they bought him. The parents decide to tell the child no, hoping that the child will learn not to disrespect his gifts and learn the value of earning his own money and buying what he wants through hard work. So "No" is sometimes an opportunity to Learn the Lesson while He has you attentive and listening.

So now to bring this all the way back around. You may be saying, "How can I learn a lesson when all I hear the Lord saying is no." Well, take some notes to self. When the Lord says no, analyze the situation you were in. Think about the clear directives and instructions the Lord has already given you. Remember the details surrounding the situation He said "no" to because He will reveal His "why" later. Trust and know that the Lord only wants what's best for you. If the Lord wants you to learn from this, it must be serious for Him to give you a clear "No."

My Note to Self: OBEDIENCE. The Lord has been testing me with little things to be obedient over. He's been talking to me not about serious, life changing things, but small decisions I've never even thought to include Him on. He has been telling me "No" and "Yes" and talking back. It is blowing my mind that the Lord cares about even the smallest things going on in my life. I love Him so much that I will do whatever He tells me to do. But as I told you before, this feeling and this obedience is new. He probably knows of some bigger decisions down the line where I will need Him and He has to trust that I won't lean onto my own understanding but talk to Him, obey what He tells me to do, and let the decision I make become a "God Thing" and not a "Lisa Thing."

So My Note to You: When the Lord speaks to you, tells you "yes," or he tells you "no," remember everything and even write it down if you have to. With a pure heart and a clear mind, analyze what the Lord is trying to show you. And even if you never find out why the Lord allowed you or denied you, know that it is apart of His perfect will and best plan for your life. Obey the SMOOCHES XOXO

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