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Hello Beauties! I am writing this post on Friday, June 5, 2015. I just got finished listening to the Book of Job. The Lord has led me to take notes and to share them with you all. Why? Of course, I have a why!

I have read this book before and for some reason I missed the entire message that is in the last couple of chapters when the Lord begins to speak (Chapter 38). I honestly thought this book was ONLY about the Lord allowing trials to hit your life to show how great He is and how much the devil is a liar, taking your complaints to God, people judging your life when you go through trials, and letting the Lord ratify your holiness through His restoration of your life. While those things are true, I just realized that the Lord rebuked Job even though he was holy and blameless. That was the most important part. While the Lord said that Job was right, Job took it too far.

As Christians, we have to be careful when we take our complaints to God. He is our Father, He will listen. However, we can't just demand that He does something because of our condition. It's almost like throwing a temper tantrum. "Lord, if I don't get married by 25, I'm going to do what I want in my love life." "Kill me now; why let me suffer?" "Give me this car God. I live right, deserve it." "Give me this kind of wife. I won't accept anything else." Sound familiar?

I am so guilty. Just because you live holy and righteously doesn't mean you don't still humble yourself to God. That's the only thing Job hadn't learned at that point. The Lord will take you through stuff when you know you are doing the right things, you passed the tests, and you are growing. You wonder, "why God?" It's because there's something else He needs you to learn about yourself. Because we will never be perfect, He will perfect our hearts every day we walk with Him on earth until we meet Him in heaven.

Don't know what the Lord is doing but you want to tell Him what to do? DON'T. Just say "Lord, Your will be done." Now you can ask the Lord questions but just be prepared for the answer to your prayer. It's better to ask the Lord let your will be done than to ask Him for THAT job or for THAT man... but that's a totally loaded post all in itself.

So below are my notes. I am only sharing, as I do with everything else on this blog, out of obedience to God. So Lord, your will be done :) I suggest that everyone reads it for themselves and take their own notes. Job is so loaded, especially when the Lord begins to speak in Chapter 38. There is enough revelation and wisdom for all of us.

The Book of Job - Notes

What Did I Just Learn
-Even if the Lord takes you through tests and trials, you can't tell Him what to do with you. You can't give the Lord orders. 
-You really shouldn't even ask the Lord what you have done to deserve your trials if you know are living a Holy/Righteous life. As long as we are on earth, there will always be tests and trials.
-Now you can complain to the Lord because He is the only one who will listen. (Reminds me of Grandma, she is the only one who listens to my complaints... sometimes). But you can't make Him give you a negative or positive result. His will be done.
-Even though Job was righteous and he didn't understand why the Lord was taking Him through, the Lord showed Him in the end that just because you are Holy doesn't give you right to tell God what he should do with your life. Yes, He loves you, but He is still ruler over everything and ruler over you.
-No matter what's going own in our lives, whether we understand it or not, we must humble ourselves to God's will. Job had to learn humility.
-Don't think the Lord won't teach, rebuke, or convict you, because you are FINALLY living for Him. There is always room to grow in Him.
-Before the Lord will make your haters kneel to you, He will make you lay at His feet.
-The Lord will blow through your life like a whirlwind to show you one simple thing. While it is simple when you finally receive the revelation, it is a major thing to God. A major thing that could block a future blessing He has in store for you.
-Just because you know your word and you can teach your brothers and sisters in Christ (and they are not going to listen if they are younger than you in Christ and they don't understand why you are going through if you claim to be holy) doesn't mean you know everything. Clearly you don't even know why you are going through the trial you are going through because you think you are doing everything right. Oh, but the Lord will reveal it to you in due time.

That's all I got. Whirlwind of SMOOCHES XOXO

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