Friday, August 21, 2015


Hey Party People! So I know there has been a large gap in my posting. This is the part where I should say it won't happen again. But today, I realized that it probably will. The thing is, I've been blogging for 5 years and this blog hasn't "taken off" yet. I always go through these stints where I am super motivated and I want to turn blogging into a business so that I can finally stop working a 9-to-5 and do something I like for a living. When that doesn't happen, it seems my views are low, people don't retweet, and I just don't feel inspired, I want to quit or just give up on blogging all together. Today, after 5 years, I've finally realized a few things about his blog.

I gave this blog and my passion for writing to the Lord. I write to minister and to help others. Therefore, I can only write what's on my heart and what is inspiring me at the time. I have been trying to stick to a schedule but, on the real, it's not going to work for me guys. I've tried schedules since I started blogging and they dampen my free spirit more than help it. The Lord showed me not too long ago that I have to be careful what I put in the atmosphere. It truly has to be from Him or it will be detrimental to others.

In my case, blogging can't be ran like a traditional blogging business. This for me is the way I share what the Lord has placed on my heart. A few months ago, the Lord told me not to put random ads on my blog but to rely on the donations of readers and wait for advertisement deals that make sense for my audience of believers. Today, the Lord is reiterating that I need to deactivate all old posts that I didn't write under the spirit. In the sense of a blogging business, this is all foolish. But in God's perfect way, I have to trust that what He is saying to me is best for me. This blog is the way I lead people to Christ. This blog is the way I give Him my life. So much to gather in one day, I know.

Girls Like Me, Inc. is my great work. It's the way I pour out the Love of God in my life. I am passionate about it and the Lord opens doors for it and we help many girls., this is the way I pour out the Word of God in my life. In both cases, I have to stay truly inspired by the Lord. His creativity and wisdom is the ultimate and way better than anything I could think up myself. If I don't do things as the Lord instructs or I go out of His will to do things He didn't instruct me to do, it simply has repercussions or it doesn't work.

I don't know about you, but I am tired of things not working. I want to stay inspired. I want the Lord to run things. I want Him to elevate the blog. I want God to be glorified in my life. I want his creative juices and His wisdom flowing through me. I want everything I do to be His work. I don't want the credit anymore. I just want His will to be done. So if you want these things also, here are 3 ways to stay an inspired blogger.

1. Do what the Lord tells you to do. Things will always distract you and you will always get bored if you are not doing what the Lord called you to do. The Lord is the one sending the distractions and allowing you to lose focus. Clearly, the focus isn't on Him, but what would make a great post. When I look back at my old blog posts, they were all so random. I wasn't asking God what I should write about. I wasn't letting Him tell me what to write. I was trying to just stay relevant. And guess what, it didn't work.

If you are a fashion blogger, let the Lord guide your outfits of the day. If you are a hair blogger, the Lord will lead you to contact the right companies. The Lord can build your blogger relationships. I only have one. Hey Malibu! And not because I strategically sought her out. I liked her posts and something in me (I now know it was the Lord) told me to follow her, and to encourage her. I've been following her for the last 5 years and her blog has "taken off." She found her true niche and who she is. She stuck with it. She is doing what the Lord graced her to do, where the Lord saw fit for her to be. I remember emailing Mara and telling her I just don't feel I can make it in the fashion industry where I am because I was in North Carolina desperately plotting a way to move to Philadelphia just to be closer to the fashion industry. In so many words, she responded saying fashion is where you make it. She also said she was determined to be a bomb fashion and lifestyle blogger where she was at, Texas. And she did it.

I am going to take Malibu Mara's advice and spin it for the sake of my post. Your blogging success is where you make it. Don't go outside of what you are passionate about just for likes. Don't add topics because people think you should. What skills did He give you? Don't worry about if you actually "hear" God telling you what to do. Get in your word and read what he tells us about our gifts (1 Peter 4:10-11). If He gave it to you, it is always a pressing in your heart and spirit, and there is way you can use it to give Him glory, that is your command to do what He put in you.

2. Be led by the Holy Spirit. As I mentioned above, I can't write unless I am led by Christ to do so. Right now am I writing and typing so fast. I barely remember what I wrote in the introduction. But it doesn't matter. It's not about what I want you to read. The Lord has something to say to you through me.

When you are writing about fashion, hair, cars, or beauty on your blog, the Holy Spirit will fill you and lead you while you research and write. You will give information and advice you didn't even know you knew. That's called divine wisdom. It only comes from the Holy Spirit. You may not believe in Jesus Christ and/or the Holy Spirit. But even you can't deny that when you are doing something you are good at and passionate about, something in you takes the driver's seat where you would normally be tired and uninterested. That God given drive matched with the Holy Spirit yields awesome results.

The Holy Spirit is a gift given to us to help us. Yes, the Holy Spirit can help your blogging, too! You want more people to read your posts? You want your posts to be more authentic and genuine? You want to like blogging as much as you want to make money from it? Ask the Holy Spirit to fill you before your write your blog. Pray and really take blogging to the Lord. If it's a gift the Lord gave you, He will bless you to make it great and glorify Him with it.

3. Switch up the routine. I told y'all I don't do well with blogging schedules and calendars, especially if I am going through busy seasons or periods that lack inspirations. Thank goodness we don't have to stay the same. Change it up! Even if your prefer a blogging schedule, switch it up every six months to a year to ease your boredom. Your audience will be alright; just inform them of the change, if you'd like. They will appreciate it in the long run. Nothing is worst than a bored blogger writing a boring post.

Don't be afraid to change things on the fly either, especially if led by the Holy Spirit. I just changed the TWELVE campaign because my motivation was all wrong. I even changed my schedule to let my readers know that this blog is ran by the Lord. You may get to a point where your blog design, logo, bio, or even blog title just don't fit who you've grown into. Don't be afraid to change it and start fresh. Those small changes can ignite something beautiful in your writing and blogging.


I know you are probably saying, Elisa, why are you being so deep? The Holy Spirit leads you to blog? The Lord can instruct me about my hair blog? God really cares about blogs? I don't believe in God at all; so what, my blog doesn't matter? Come on, Girl none of this is that serious.

The truth is that God cares about anything His children does. Anything you create, He has put it in you and predestined it to be birthed out of you. He loves you whether you believe on Him or not. You are gifted by Him whether you believe on Him or not. He is that serious and He can help you with something that doesn't seem very serious (like a blog) all because you want to be treated seriously (as a blogger and make money from doing so). It is all very possible but you have to lay everything in your life, including your blog, at the feet of the Lord. Accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior. The walk with Him is hard but it is the greatest decision you will ever make. Yes, you take part in the suffering here on earth, but there are riches and glory here as well. And don't forget eternal life. Just say "Lord, I believe you died for my sins and rose again. Come into my heart and life as my Savior." That's it. Start reading His word and learn about Him just like you read many blogs about becoming a better blogger and how to monetize your content. I guarantee that if you start with Christ, it will all work out for the better. SMOOCHES XOXO

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