Thursday, September 24, 2015

Debate over the term "Soul Tie" and Biblical Inaccuracy

Hey Fam! I use the word "soul tie" to reference when one is emotionally and/or sexually "bound" to someone. I really don't now better words to describe "soul ties" or "bondage." I mustn't lie, I heard the term "soul tie" through my favorite women's ministry. I don't just run with anything preachers say but I felt the term accurately expressed what I was going through. "Soul ties" seemed to be the perfect term for my yearning for people I felt constantly connected to (this will just have to do) emotionally and/or sexually no matter how much I prayed for healing.

So today, I am listening to the women's ministry's latest video and the speaker mentions that there is debate that the term or concept isn't a biblical one but she will continue to use the term (I am paraphrasing and interpreting; please don't come for my neck). So the ministry also referred people to a  biblical research website that answers questions. I like the website because you get the facts and I always have questions about things I read in the bible. Always. The website does add in ministry by commentating, elaborating, and solidifying the author's point-of-view of leading people to Jesus Christ. So I immediately go to the website to see what it has to say.

In summary, the article says that "soul tie" is not a biblical term and not used in the bible. The article also says that the general definition of the term has come to include dividing of one's soul or fragmentation. The article does add biblical backing of scriptures used to defend the concept that are used out of context (1 Samuel 18:1; Proverbs 1:10, 15; 1 Corinthians 6:16).

This convicted me at first. I was about to defend why I feel so comfortable saying "soul tie" and why I will probably continue to use the word. So much so, I was going to use two of the website's own articles on soul links and one flesh to defend my stance. However, my flesh and intellectual yet argumentative part of my brain calmed down. I moved those things out of the way, and the Lord began to speak to my spirit.

When you study the Word of God, you have to really move in the Holy Spirit. The Bible has to convict you and change your heart. That's the point. If you aren't convicted and don't want to be convicted, you will cease to get new revelation from God and the Living Word. The Word of God is living and breathing. If you really read and study, you can see how anything on this Earth can be explained in the Bible in any generation. The Word doesn't change but you can always learn something new from it and it is always applicable

As far as conviction about the Word of God and what it says: You have to be led by the Holy Spirit. If you are studying and learning the Word of God to preach, this is especially for you. You don't want to deceive people with your words and interpretation. However, if you are moving in the Holy Spirit while preaching and then later find debate about a term you may have used out of context, don't beat yourself up. LEARN. You said what the Lord wanted you to say, if you really were letting the Holy Spirit lead you. If someone doesn't like what you said and can't lovingly correct, then they weren't focused on you being used by the Lord and really being led by the Holy Spirit themselves. They are just trying to make you feel inferior by sharing they know something you don't. Just remember that the only person who can make you feel inferior is yourself. Not even God wants you to feel like you are less than. You are the head and not the tail. Above and not beneath. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Teaching the Word of God opens up a life of scrutiny. You better be prepared to learn but also know for sure who you are in the Lord.

So what did I learn about the "soul ties": "Soul ties" may not be the correct term but the same idea applies. If you can so easily knit souls or become one flesh with people, we have to value the purpose of these gifts for togetherness and ministry. When we don't honor what the Bible says about unequally yoked relationships  and marriage, our emotions and feelings get entangled and hurt in the process. As we experience hurt, pain, anger, doubt, depression, and loneliness, we move further away from the Lord. If we are far from Him, He can't fill our spirits. So instead of seeking Him to be filled, we want answers, reconciliation, closure, or a replacement person to fill the voids. This may not be a "soul tie" but our experiences have caused us to be bound to the things of our past that we used to fill the void of God being our best friend, husband, father, and everything.

Ultimately, what did I learn about biblical inaccuracy and using the wrong terms: Pray, Study, Learn, Seek the Lord, Ask for Wisdom, and Be Led by the Holy Spirit in ALL that you do. The Lord will have His way and the Truth will be revealed anyhow.


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