Friday, September 11, 2015


How do I do what? How do I manage to succeed at less than 10% of the things I try and of that success, only 50% actually gets enough of my attention for it to just be alright? Or how do I do everything for everyone else so awesomely and for free but I lose money trying to do things for my own projects and get minimum support, mostly from people I don't know? Or how do I manage not to do anything just right in my own eyes (or anyone else's apparently because I don't get compliments or acknowledgements on anything I may actually try to excel at) yet still have you ask me the question "Elisa, how do you do it all?"

How do I do this thing I call life? Jesus. Jesus is responsible for everything going well in my life. I am thankful for His faithfulness towards me in every area of my life. As you may have read through my cynicism and sarcasm in the previous paragraph, my life, just like everyone else's, is far from perfect. People either look at me in amazement, in disgust/disdain, or enviously/insignificantly when I tell them my age and just a little part of my life.

Amazement: "You have your own nonprofit?! You work where?! You have a degree in what?! You're attending school where?! Wow! That's awesome girl! Keep going! Don't stop! You can do it and you can do it all!"

Disgust/Disdain: "You're all over the place. You could make more money. You're just 25; you do too much. You don't worry about yourself. Don't take it personal. You're too emotional. You should live your life. At least you have a job. At least you're in school. You should be grateful. Oh you act so holy, you need to chill. You need to date. You could have a man if you want to. You should look like this. You should do this instead. Life is passing you by."

Enviously/Insignificantly: "Oh wow, that's nice." Crickets. Blank stares. Conversation about me that is none of my business because I am not there.

All of these are things people actually have said to me. And I have a rebuttal, excuse, argument, and/or logical reason for each thought or question people have put on me. So many questions and concerns has produced so much pressure.

Yet, the only person who can relieve the pressure of the "How Do You Do It" Dance in our lives is Jesus Christ. These questions and concerns always stop me in my tracks. But now, I know how to get over it. 

My life is not my own. When I wasn't trying to walk with Christ, He still chased me yet led me at the same time. Now that I am walking with Him, I have no choice but to trust Him. Trusting in His promise for you is an undeniable part of your journey with the Lord. If you don't trust Him, you're not going to let Him lead every part of your life.

So in the midst of all of the "How do you do it"s, I trust that my life has been strategically ordered by my Father who loves order. He is not a God of confusion so I no longer let these questions and concerns confuse what I know the Lord has told and shown me. I barely understand my own life sometimes and how I got to this particular place. Therefore, I don't waste anymore time trying to accommodate, address, or answer the questions and concerns corner in my life.

I don't currently, but I will and you should, direct the questions and concerns corner to Jesus and tell them to ask Him because He knows best about it all. You have the right and the ability to block out the noise of other people's opinions when you are focused on Christ and you know you are doing as He instructed you. You won't be perfect. But as long as obedience to God and His Word is your life's practice, you have to get used to blocking out people's opinions.

When you live a life in complete surrender to the King, every thing you do will be contrary to the world. So even people who are saved who may be holding on to pieces of their life won't get you and may feel convicted by you. Unfortunately, we as humans like to give conviction for conviction. Even though one conviction is an explicit response to a translated, assumed, or perceived conviction.

None of it matters though. This will feel like it matters. These occurrences will bring up emotions. These times will leave you alone with the crazy thoughts left behind. But you have to tell yourself that none of this stuff matters because Christ is running the show in your life. 

So if you happen to have questions or concerns about people, pray for them. I've just been asking the Lord to help me not to judge people or what they do. I take it to the Lord in prayer. I've realized that while it is not all the way possible, I wish the people in the questions and concerns corner in my life would handle my feelings with such care and just pray for me instead of trying to put their logic on me while the Lord has my life spirit-led. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. How Sway?! SMOOCHES XOXO

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