Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Promote Your Brand

Hey Lovelies! BrandBuilder Lesson 1: Promote Your Brand.

Hello Lovebugs! As you can see, I am branching out and expanding the Miss Elisa K. brand. I have learned so much on my own through trial and error about branding. I don't want to be selfish with this information and I don't want others to make the same mistakes. I want your brands, blogs, & businesses to boom! These lessons are based on my opinions and experiences. Hopefully, my BrandBuilder Lessons will provide the information and encouragement that you need.

Today's Lesson is Promote Your Brand. This may sound simple but this was a very hard concept for me to grasp. In every project I've started, I wanted to constantly promote whatever my current project was but I was hesitant. I didn't want to annoy and exhaust people. I felt as if my networks were small. I also didn't know how to do so effectively. I didn't know which images and designs to use, or even what to say. The thought of promoting my projects was overwhelming. I came to the crazy conclusion that my brand would promote itself. I mean this is a dope project! Everyone is going to love it! No need to push it, right? Crazy and Wrong. No one can follow, buy, listen to, or read something they don't know exists.

Since my last major project fail in 2014 (not ashamed to admit it), I've started to promote my brands differently. I've done a complete overhaul in promotion and branding. Honestly, I am only sharing because the changes I've made are yielding results in less than a year (ex. Girls Like Me, Inc.). I just wish I would've adopted this new way of thinking about my brands sooner! I've learned so much about promoting but I am just going to share a few in this lesson. These are my first 4 Tips for Promoting Your Brand:

1. Utilize Social Media. People like to tell me in a snark tone, "You are always posting stuff on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram" to let me know they saw it even though they don't like, comment, repost, or share. Knowing this, don't be smart and respond, "Well, unfollow me then if it bothers you!" Honestly, this is my initial thought. Early on, I've decided not to follow my gangsta side. I always say things like, "Really?! Did you like it?! Are you coming?! I'm so glad it's reaching so many people! I didn't think anyone saw it. Thank you for following!" Oh, this really confuses them and you. This tactic gets them thinking about your brand some more and most likely going back to your page. This tactic also helps you to stay passionate and humble about your brand and not sidetracked by negativity. Don't let anything stop you from using FREE PROMOTION! Not even haters/admirers. You may feel like your social media networks are small but they will grow if you use them for what they were made to do: spread information quickly.

2. No Ads Unless They are Your Brand's Ads. If you are sponsored by a company and you are getting good money/goods/services to promote their brand with an ad and link on your page, this advice isn't for you. You're currently doing better than me ;) This is for my people with small blogs and small followings. Which isn't always a bad thing; Influence is Influence. I know you think you need Google Ads on your blog to make money because that's what I thought for years. However, I have yet to make a dime and no one can unless you are getting millions of views. Instead, I would use the space on your blog that was once used to promote that one time you contributed to another blog or that one company that sent you a free sample size last year to promote your own products, goods, and services. Every time someone clicks on anything on my blog, I want them to be led to another branch of my brand. Until you are consistently getting a check from Google Ads, an ad is sitting on your website for free. They are getting free advertisement when you can be promoting your new business, product, and/or blog series. Give yourself free promotion on your platform. You may not have millions of views but you get enough. You want those views focused on your stuff. I may add Google Ads back to my page when my views increase. Then, it will be a viable bonus stream of income. Until then, I don't want to my readers to be distracted. On my blog, I want my readers to be familiar with my products and services.

3. If You're Affiliated, It's Your Brand. I was about to call this lesson "Promote Your Own Brand." However, I've realized that you may be heavily connected and have helped to build someone else's brand. Many people are direct sellers or work for entrepreneurs and businesses they wholeheartedly believe in. If that's what you know the Lord has for you, there is nothing wrong with that. Everyone is not meant to be an entrepreneur; sometimes you are called to build other people's brands. My brother Shaun Wiah is a talented Hip Hop artist. His brand is not mine but I promote him and help manage his career. I believe in his brand. The brand is just as much me as it is him. His friends and supporters feel the same way. My name doesn't have to be in the video or on his album to feel proud and to keep working. I just do it because that's what the Lord called me to do. I am okay with that. He shuts my ideas down often. We disagree. We may get angry. More so, I get upset if I feel disrespected, misunderstood, or unheard. But I don't get mad if he doesn't simply like the idea. It's his brand. He makes the decisions, and I help to create the opportunities for him to shine. I feel accomplished when the Shaun Wiah brand flourishes. If you are okay with building someone's brand and your investments will match your return, then do it with a kind and willing spirit. No hidden agendas or sneaky motives.

4. Show Love to Other Brands. This was hard for me at first. Many times, people didn't return the love. But many times, people are appreciative and have been reciprocal. You shouldn't promote other brands just for the shout outs to be reciprocated. You should do it because you believe in the brand or the person behind the brand. Honestly, sharing quality information and showing love makes you look like you are not a hater and you support others. People like people who are not haters and support others. You want people to like you, go to your online store, and buy your t-shirt. If it makes you uneasy promoting other brands while you're building yours, only promote brands that don't present a conflict of interest with your own. However, once you are secure in your own brand and God-given abilities, sharing someone else's brand won't make you feel threatened. On the Girls Like Me, Inc. website and social media outlets, I often promote other nonprofits who support girls like my Soror Khalia Braswell. As far as blogging, I always mention my girls Mara and Jessica. It doesn't dim our shine recognizing that others shine brightly as well.

If you would like for me to share more information about this topic, please comment and share this post on your social media networks. Hey, I'm Building a Brand Here, too! SMOOCHES XOXO

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. I'm really active on social media but it's slightly difficult when others don't engage in return. :(

    1. Don't be discouraged, because they still see it. I post often on Twitter and they've added stats to tweets. When I check the stats, many people have seen my tweet and even clicked it, even though they didn't retweet or favorite it. Keep going girl! You never know what post will be your break out post, that everyone has no choice but to repost!


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