Friday, May 13, 2016

My Favorite Christian Vloggers

Hey Lovelies! I am very blessed to have the opportunity to share Jesus Christ, encourage you all, and give advice on this here blog. However, I often look to other Christian vlogs to encourage myself while I'm at work, when I am feeling down, or when I just want to feed my spirit with something positive. So, if you are looking for Christian Vloggers, here is a list of my favorites in no particular order. This post will be updated frequently as I discover awesome, new vlogs. You can never have too much positive influence.

These are my personal favorites. There are many other awesome Christian vloggers. If your faves aren't listed, share it in the comment section!

Christian Vloggers
King James Version Audio Bible
Heather Lindsey
Dephne Madyara
Ashley Empowers