Thursday, September 8, 2016

It's Just Time

It's Just Time a poem by Elisa Wiah.

But you won't see me sweat.
You haven't gotten what you deserve yet.
I'm not one to sit around and count
Blessing and Curses.
Manipulate me to speak
What my truth is.
Spread your newly formed lies.
I can tell where your thirst is.
I won't be manhandled.
I let you walk over me.
Like He let them.
I humbled myself to your needs.
Did what ever you would plead.
Every day my soul would bleed.
My true intentions you didn't read.
I was never here to harm you.
Only to help.
A servant
Who wanted no more than to be
My best.
It's time to go and you continue to
Break down fences.
Snares, gossip,
Rolled eyes and winces.
I pray you find your sanctity
In a place of no peace.
Now restored.


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