Friday, October 28, 2016


Perfection a poem by Elisa Wiah.

Change me.
I am broken without you,
So hollow.
But I try.
I try really hard
To live for you.
I know.
I know there is nothing
I can do to win
Your Love.
Nothing I can do
To cut off this sin.
Nothing I can do
To stop the tests.
Nothing I can do
To bypass the trials.
I want to quit
And give up on
Because I can't live up
To your word,
I can't live up
To your standards.
Even though You know
I can't.
I never will.
I am still convicted.
I still want to please you.
I still want my heart to bleed
For what makes you cry.
I can't be perfect
But make me new.
Change my heart.
Set me free from


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