Friday, February 3, 2017


Veil a poem by Elisa Wiah

I've been covered.
For a while now, I just haven't been found.
But Lord, I'd rather be safe in your arms than in the arms of
Someone who you haven't ordained me to be with.
Someone whose heart doesn't look like yours.
Whose heartbeat isn't the same rhythm as mine
I'd rather be looked over.
Passed by.
No looks. No stares. No attention.
But covered.
Loved unconditionally.
Set free.
Anything you give is cool with me.
So as long as I'm covered,
I'm yours
Until my match I meet.
The one of whom I'm to help.
A holy covenant.
A bond of oneness.
A bearing of godly seeds.
But until then,
I'm yours.
I've been covered.


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