Friday, September 15, 2017

Sailing Soul

Sailing Soul a poem by Elisa Wiah

Is any of this worth it?
Does any of this matter?
Alone on a ship
And the hull begins to shatter.
From the bow to the stern,
The pieces become undone.
The fires of shame burn
And the smokes of pain shun.
Tell me, why won't I concede?
Why am I choosing to suffer?
For a piece of Solace, I plead.
I smile, but my cries I buffer.
No one really wants to hear your sorrow.
No one has time to spare.
But your angst can't wait until tomorrow.
Your broken heart still has pieces to share.
So wake up and fake it once more.
Pretend it doesn't hurt
When faced with reality, ignore.
And with happiness, begin to flirt.
None of it will go away
But for awhile it is hidden.
No one will be bold enough to say
"Her farewell was already bidden."


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