Sunday, October 15, 2017


24/7 a poem by Elisa Wiah

Everyday, All Day
I just want to talk to him
Pick his intellect
We can talk about anything
He checks me but let's me
Just be myself
Washes me with compliments
Our souls compliment
He stays in the forefront
I have to work hard to redirect my focus
His hustle motivates mines
But at times I want to stand still with time
His body interlocking with mine
I just want to know what he's thinking
If it's the thought of my love he's been drinking
His heart is still a mystery
Yet, every part of him I see
Miles away but your touch holds me over
Revealing myself to you, do you know her?
She's someone who yearning for your pieces
Oxytocin and Potion No. 9 releases
Falling crazy in love all by myself
Probably shouldn't, but myself I couldn't help
My greatest fear is bothering you
The second is not doing enough to show this is true
Is doing the most who you want?
You know I must be blunt.
If you'd only knew what my love could do
Can patience sprinkled with time make me boo?
Zaddy, I want to be your baby
My body is screaming "take me"
But my mind is saying go slow
Don't erase our memories until you know
If this thing is really real.
If not, let's make a deal.
Give me my heart back
And I'll relax.
I'll let you stopping running through my mind
Retract my kisses given in-kind


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