Friday, April 6, 2018


Melanin a poem by Elisa Wiah

Brown Bodies
Mangled & Tangled
In a web of systematic defeat
Melanin only protects you from the sun
But not my son,
Or brother,
Or love
The terror caused by
The post traumatic depression
Of an event that has yet to occur
To you
But is consistently
the narrative of those
Of whom I share the same
This Brown Girl
Needs Answers
I need hope
In order to thrive
In a system designed
To orchestrate my struggle
The Only Reprieve
Is to Receive
The Awakening
Yes, we are woke
With dreams and drive
With love and real lives
We were never bound to systematic defeat
We come together
We mourn together
We struggle together
No matter your displacement in the diaspora
We are linked forever
Your melanin may not protect
But it guides and perfects
It shines and reflects
Moisturize generously
Don't Neglect


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