Sunday, April 1, 2018


Mommy a poem by Elisa Wiah

I miss you.
I wish you
Didn't leave so abruptly.
The most beautiful girl
In the world
To me.
Because I will forever have your face.
And Mercy
Will forever follow you.
Thank you for your faith
And teaching me how to pray.
Some things I got from you
Were just innate.
I've learned more in your going
Than I did in your coming.
I was too much like you
And the conflict and struggle
To understand the oneness we held
Will forever leave me breathless.
I wish I would have understood you
While you were here.
Ease your fears,
Make the heartache
And pain
Do you see me now?
If so, how?
Whenever you're looking,
I want to make sure I smile.
So you can see yourself
You made three things
Perfectly well.
In your chest, I pray
Pride still swells.
I won't ever stop
Protecting you.
I heard everything
You said.
I'll do everything
I said.


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