Monday, July 30, 2018

6 Black-Owned Banks for My Friends & Family

Hello, Wonderfuls! This is my first official Trill2Sense post! YAY!!! In these posts, I will be featuring lists of my favorite Black-Owned products and businesses.

Before I suggest products and things you should purchase with your hard-earned money, I feel I should first address where we keep our money. Black-Owned Banks are the pillars of Black communities. Yet, there are now less than 30 Black-Owned Banks left in our country. Meanwhile, your favorite "big bank" probably has up to 30 locations in one metropolitan city. While I know celebrities made an initial plea a few years ago, I am pleading with you again. We can’t let our institutions fade away.

Some Black-Owned Banks are doing better than others, expanding, and gaining national recognition. I am so glad to see Black communities and businesses flourish. However, the Black-Owned Bank in your city may be struggling. You may say “Well, I want my money in a bank that’s doing well and not struggling.” My answer: The Black-Owned Bank is struggling because the people it set out to serve won’t bank with them. If your local Black-Owned Bank is struggling but it is still open, confirm that it is FDIC insured and protected, and then go open an account. Make sure you intend to use that account monthly. Start that savings account for that trip you want or all those Black-Owned products you want to buy.

Therefore, I’m not listing the top Black-Owned Banks. I am listing the Black-Owned Banks that are near my family and friends. I am starting at home and urging my loved ones in Philadelphia, DC, The Gulf Coast, and North Carolina to BANK BLACK.

1. United Bank of Philadelphia – Philadelphia, PA

2. The Harbor Bank Baltimore, Maryland

3. City National Bank – Newark, New Jersey

4. Commonwealth National Bank – Mobile, Alabama

5. Industrial Bank – Washington D.C. (P.S. Marketing on AMAZING! Now I want an account!!)

6. M & F Bank – Durham, North Carolina

Once you open up your account at your local Black-Owned Bank, come back, comment below, and tell me all about it! I love us for real LOL… SMOOCHES XOXO

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African American buying power is at $1.1 trillion, yet only 2 cents of every dollar an African American spends comes back to the Black community. Once I learned this, I started Trill2Sense as a way for me to keep track of all the Black-Owned businesses I wanted to support.

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