Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Dating 101

Writing about dating and actually dating (from what I can remember) strangely gives me the same feelings: excited, scared, anxious, jittery, nervous, curious, and insane for having so many conflicting emotions. Dating is a tricky subject for me because I haven't been on a real one since before 2011. When I say a "real one," I mean an outing to a public place where both parties have acknowledged a mutual interest in one another and they both agree that this is, in fact, a date. You can read through those lines as much or as little as you want. Thanks to an article I just read on xoNecole.com, I've realized that I am not alone.

Prior to now, I haven't ever felt completely ready to date, even if I had a desire to date. I have truly been working on myself since December 2011. Looking back at how much I've grown, how much I accomplished, and how busy I've been, there's no wonder why I wasn't attracting anything of substance. And per the usual, the guys I liked never liked me back. I just don't think my availability was visible to the right men. Plus, I wasn't exactly focused on being available.

With my 28th birthday approaching, I truly feel ready to date and I am open to the possibility of a relationship. But there is one major dilemma: HOW DO I DATE IN 2018?

Mind you, I don't believe I've ever dated successfully or long enough to have old strategies to pull from and fine tune. I don't have any clue what to do. What do I say? Where do we go? What do I wear? And clearly, what is an acceptable age range I'm comfortable with? Because while I would love to get to know someone my age, it feels like I am only approached by men significantly younger or older than me. I am too old to be with someone still in college and I am too young for someone who has a child 5 years my junior. And don't forget the psychos, creeps, stalkers, weirdos, sex-obsessed, don't know how to keep their hands to themselves fools. Like, is dating even safe?

As the questions flow in, I begin to wonder if I even really want to date. These aren't easy questions to answer and my concerns are valid. Yet the more I think about dating and the risks I am willing to take to experience the love I'm seeing all up and down my timeline, I realize that once again hope is outweighing fear.

I'm so hopeful about dating in 2018 that my mind and heart are open. I know I will date available, non-creepy, normal, yet amazing men my age who verbalize an interest that is mutual and use the word "date" :) But I want to do this right and I need your help.

Remember Pretty x Inspiring is a conversation. I will give my tips and insight to your feedback in the upcoming video. In the meantime, I want to hear from you! In the comments below, tell me about your dating experiences. Give me your tips and strategies. Let me know what red flags I should look for. Let me know what I shouldn't and should do. Girls and Guys are welcome to chime in. This is Dating 101 and I am your attentive student. Hopefully, this conversation can not only help me but help other people who are trying to re-enter the dating scene.

I respect opinions but be respectful in your delivery in the comments section. SMOOCHES XOXO


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