Tuesday, August 21, 2018

5 Black Jewelry Designers

Hello, Gorgeous Ones! If you didn't know, I love jewelry! So much so, I've started ShopGLM.com, my online jewelry boutique. I've even designed my first piece, which I've featured below!

The excitement of dabbling in jewelry design made me think of some wonderful women who have been inspiring me for years in the craft. So here are my favorite, Top 5 Black Jewelry Designers.

1. Arimas Jewelry - I LOVE gold so her pieces really speak to me. They have inspirational messages engraved in them and they pay homage to our Black Culture. Her pieces have such an understated boldness that is perfect for everyday wear. She is based in Philly and I've even met her twice out & about. She was so kind both times. I can't wait to get some of her pieces.

2. Rashida Gurl - Gurl, her pieces give my whimsy side LIFE, okay?! Every piece is handpainted, unique, and makes a bold statement. Her jewelry is not for the one who says, "I don't know where I'm going to wear this piece." Her jewelry is for the "I love it so much I can rock it every day" bold and beautiful types.

3. Sheryl Jones Jewelry - Her luxury pieces are AMAZING. She has had some of your favorite celebrities dripping in diamonds on the red carpet. My future husband (who hasn't yet realized who I am) must get my wedding ring from Sheryl Jones.

4. The Tiny Tassel - I don't think there is a girl who doesn't like tassels. But imagine someone making an entire line of tasseled jewelry. Yep, The Tiny Tassel did just that. I love her work because it is so fitting for any SOUTHERN BELLE who loves cute, pretty, and girly things. I have to get to her store in Charleston, SC and I have to get my hands on a stack of tassel bracelets.

5. Traci Lynn Jewelry - This lady is a boss and has inspired Shop GLM's DREAMER Program. She has a wide range of jewelry for every type of woman. One thing I can say about all of Traci Lynn Jewelry: GLAM! Make sure you contact your local Traci Lynn Jewelry Consultant to get some glam in your life.

Alright, my loves! Stay fly, dripped, dipped, and adorned in your greatest accessory: LOVE. SMOOCHES XOXO


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