Sunday, December 30, 2018


Hello, Dreamers! I want to share with you the first ever #DREAMERCHALLENGE!
Every New Year, we make resolutions and we say we are going to accomplish said resolutions. We look up and it's March. Soon after, we realize we've paid three-months worth of a gym membership and only went inside to workout three times. A couple of years ago, I stopped making resolutions. Instead, I started writing out a detailed plan of my goals in December and how I could accomplish them. Most times, I had began executing before the new year. Needless to say, I've already written out my plan with set goals for 2019. In order to accomplish these goals, I must now set the tone and the habits that I want to carry on way after my shiny, productive plan no longer twinkles in my eye.

My Goals: 1) Strengthen my mental and emotional health, 2) Publish two books, 3) Make my blog profitable, 4) Increase revenue of, 5) Increase event and online participants of Girls Like Me, Inc., and 6) Acquire assets.

For these goals, I have a working, moving, living plan. My plan and my steps of action work best for me and my situation. Since this my first time trying to accomplish the goals above, I don't have any tried and true methods to share as of yet. I am researching, learning, and developing the best ways to accomplish the goals I set for myself.

What I can share is how to make your plan your new lifestyle. Here is where the #DREAMERCHALLENGE comes in. For the entire month of January, I will be focusing on doing all that I can to execute my plan. I have accumulated many methods over the years that I use whenever I need to clear my mind, buckle down, and make major changes in my life. Using these methods, I will force myself to shift the time that I would normally waste toward accomplishing my goals. After 31 days, my methods will become my habits. I wanted to share this challenge so that you can move forward with your plans with clear intentions of succeeding this year. We can hold each other accountable and accomplish together. Here are my guidelines for the #DREAMERCHALLENGE2019:

1) No social media.
2) No sugar. Focus on fruits and vegetables, cut out processed foods.
3) Limited television. (I will literally be watching one show for one hour, once a week).
4) Replace any down time from social media or television with reading.
5) Follow morning routine everyday (wake up at 6 am, pray, read bible, workout, and eat light breakfast).
6) Follow daily work schedule.
7) No complaining and No speaking negatively.
8) No unnecessary spending. Research all "investments"/expenses for your plan in order to purchase in February.
9) No credit or spending money you don't have.
10) Spend at least two hours a day working on your plan.

Again, this is what I know I have to do to get my year going in the right direction. Once you establish your goals and your plan, let me know below how you are you going to find the time and create the environment for you to put it into action. Are you going to follow the #DREAMERCHALLENGE2019? We aren't using social media but you can use this hashtag and the picture below to let your followers know you'll be gone.


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