Sunday, January 6, 2019


Hello, Dreamers! Frankly, I need more Joy. I don't think anyone would mind having more of it. I decided to do a Pretty x Inspiring Session on joy to help manifest joy in my own life. This session is a study/note style and a summary of my findings. My hope is that this session inspires you to manifest joy in your own life as well.

What is Joy?

Joy is a product of what is inside you spiritually.
Joy is a state of being, feeling, and/or perceiving yourself to be well, successful, fortunate, and fulfilled.
If you are full of joy spiritually, joy is constant.
Joy is the source of happiness.
Joy is easily confused with fleeting happiness. People, places, things, and occurrences can affect and determine happiness.

Why do I need Joy?

Joy in pain eases suffering.
Joy can heal where depression has tried to deteriorate spiritually. Joy can aid the body in healing physically from trauma.
Joy, in itself, is full. So when you have joy, it fills you.

Where do I find Joy?

Joy is found when you have hope and faith
Joy is found before and after sadness. Similar to happiness, sadness is fleeting and is affected by people, places, things, and occurrences.
Joy is found in the faith and belief in your higher power.
Joy comes from rejoicing. If you want to find joy, begin to celebrate.

Do you agree with my findings above? What is joy to you? I would love to know what you think. Thank you! SMOOCHES XOXO

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