Do you need marketing and branding advice? Are you having trouble promoting your new product? Do you have an awesome idea but you don't know how to make it come to pass? Are you talented but you don't know how to turn your talents into cash? Are your entrepreneurial ideas and spirit constantly crushed by people who don't understand? I can help you!

My name is Elisa. I do many many things. But what I would like the opportunity to do most is to encourage you to follow your dreams. I help people Create, Plan, and Promote

My sessions are different than any other career or life coach. I am an entrepreneur like you! I know what you're struggling with. I know how one minute you are flooded with ideas and then the next you can't even manage a complete thought. I get you! An one-hour session with me is talking to someone who has taken time to study your brand and is willing to give FREE money making ideas and advice. I won't come looking for my cut if the ideas and advice I share with you make you money. I just ask that you tell someone else and spread the news that I am taking clients and building brands!

Specialties: Non-profits, Charities, Bloggers, Recording Artists, Visual Artists, Musical Artists, Fashion, Films, Small Businesses, Online Business, Hair Industry Professionals, YouTube Vloggers, Entrepreneurs at Heart

Free 15 minute Session - Evaluation & Assessment
$35 per Hour
2-Hour Session: $65
3-Hour Session: $95
Full amount must be paid via PayPal before Evaluation & Assessment
If I can not help or encourage you in any way, I will refund your money.

Make the Investment to Grow Your Brand!

To schedule a BrandBuilder session: or call (267) 223-4889