Bored with her seemingly good life, Keisha decides to create a blog about the lives of her best friends Kassidy, LaChay, and Madison. After a humiliating career and relationship fail, Keisha's friends became her sole support system when she transitioned into her new life in her hometown of Philadelphia. Now that Keisha is back on her feet and healing, she explores and pays homage to the intertwining lives of the four friends to continue her healing process. Journey with Keisha, Kassidy, LaChay, and Madison as they realize there is a single, strong thread holding this group of extremely different women together.

Chapter 1: Four, The Hard Way - Introduction of Characters
Chapter 2: Kid Kassidy - Learn more about Kassidy as a teenager and the events that shaped her life
Chapter 3: Sweet Hot Tea -The girls stumble across information about Madison before she has even heard about it herself
Chapter 4: Sunday Kinda Love - We learn more about Madison's upbringing and her relationship with Malik

LaChay is short for LaChawanda ;)
Keisha's Mom & Dad attend Holy Cross Covenant Church
The Girls' Nicknames: Keisha=Keesh, Kassidy=Kass, Madison=Maddie, LaChay=La
Keisha's nickname for Lil' Harry is HJ

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